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  • Oase® Filtral UVC Filter

    …Submersible Pond Filter System * Perfect For Ponds Up To 700 Gallons * Make Your Pond Water Crystal Clear * Built−in UV Clarifier & Pump Oase® Filtral UVC Filter is a multi-functional, compact, pond technology solution designed for ponds up to 700 gallons. The Filtral comes equipped…
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  • Oase® AquaOxy 450


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    * Flexible Oxygen Supply For Ponds * Aerate Ponds Up To 5,000 Gallons * Energy Efficient Pump For Outdoor Use Oase® AquaOxy 450 pond aerator is ideal for water gardens and koi ponds up to 5,000 gallons. The AquaOxy System provides a safe, quiet and efficient way of increasing oxygen levels in…
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  • Oase® PondoVac Classic


    (3 reviews)

    …Clean & Healthy Pond The Oase® PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum is perfect for removing sludge, algae and other bottom debris with ease. This quality pond and lake muck vacuum offers great performance and value, while promoting a clean and healthy pond. The Oase PondoVac Classic contains a…
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  • Oase® OxyTex

    Oase® AquaOxy 450 * For Ponds Up To 5,000 Gallons * Grass-Like Fibers Creates A Healthy Environment The Oase® OxyTex pond air diffuser provides a natural aesthetic to your pond floor while increasing filter efficiency by up to 25%. Easily place the Oase® OxyTex over the Oase®
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  • Oase® FiltoClear Pressure Filter System


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    …few pulls on the cleaning handle will easily and effectively remove trapped debris inside the filter, without ever getting your hands dirty.The Oase® FiltoClear Pressurized Filtration System is set-up for 1½ Inch or 2 InchTubing. The FiltoClear is designed for use with the SolidFlo™…
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    $359.00 - 609.00
  • Oase® BioPress UVC Pressurized Filter

    * Pressurized Filter w/Built-In UV Clarifier * Ideal for Koi Ponds Up To 1,000 Gallons * Designed for Supplying High-Elevation Waterfalls The Oase® BioPress UVC is a compact pressurized filter with built-in UV Clarifier and cleaning mechanism that clears green water fast in ponds up to 1,000…
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  • Oase® AquaMax Eco Classic Pumps

    * High Quality Strainer For Easy Maintenance * Rotor Handles Solids Up To 3/8 Inch * Efficient Energy Saving Motor The Oase® AquaMax Eco Classic waterfall pump moves debris from the pond bottom to the pond filter, helping to maintain the ecosystem's health, natural balance and beauty. It…
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    $139.00 - 309.00
  • Oase® PondoVac 5


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    * Remove Sludge & Algae with Ease * 1800 Watt Motor Allows Non-Stop Vacuuming * Ideal For Ponds & Water Feature Maintenance The Oase® PondoVac 5 is a multi-function pond vacuum for uninterrupted, full power cleaning. The 1800 watt high performance motor provides a suction depth of up to…
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  • Oase® FiltoClear Replacement UVC Bulb

    …1: Identify your bulb's base to verify that it matches the picture. Step 2: Locate your bulbs wattage. Step 3: Measure your bulb end to end (including pins) to confirm which replacement bulb is correct for you. Replacement UVC bulbs fits Oase® Pressurized Filters, models 3000, 4000 and 8000.
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    $45.00 - 65.00
  • Oase® AquaMax Eco Premium Pumps

    * Versatile Filtration & Waterfall Pump * Creates Water Displays Up To 13' High * Adjustable Secondary Suction Control The Oase® AquaMax Eco Premium is the most adaptable pump on the market, ensuring water clarity by handling solids up to 7/16", and features adjustable dual inlets to connect…
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    $309.00 - 409.00
  • Oase® PondoVac 4

    …* Built-In Wheels & Adjustable Handle For Fast & Convenient Transport * Hand Regulator For Adjusting Suction Power In Shallow Ponds The Oase® PondoVac 4 is a robust pond vacuum that boasts effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use. It features a two-chamber system that enables continuous…
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  • Oase® FiltoClear Filter Foam Replacement


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    Replacement Filter Sets for Oase® FiltoClear Pressure Filters. Fits models: 3000, 4000 and 8000. We recommend changing your filter pads once a season or when they appear worn.
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    $59.00 - 89.00