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  • Aquashade - 1 Gallon


    (33 Reviews)

    * Blocks Sunlight To Prevent Weed Growth * One Gallon Treats Up To 1 Acre * Shades Your Pond An Aqua-Blue Color Aquashade Pond Dye is a blend of blue and yellow dyes which shades specific portions of the sunlight spectrum (red-orange and blue-violet) required by underwater aquatic plant and algae…
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  • Kasco LED RGB Color Changing Light Kit 3 to 6 Lights


    (3 Reviews)

    …for easy installation. The 5 watt RGB Light Kit has the capacity to change between 9 different colors including: white warm white red green blue orange yellow cyan and magenta. The remote control operated unit also allows the user to adjust brightness levels has three sequencing patterns and can be…
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    $1234.00 - 5307.00
  • Copper Orange Trumpet Flower Fountain Kit

    …to capture light and bring out the beauty in both metal and glasswork. Handmade ensuring no two are identical. Reaching 40-49 high this Copper Orange Trumpet Flower Fountain can be purchased as a complete fountain kit or fountain only. Each fountain kit includes a single copper sculpture Achelous…
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    $2099.99 - 2999.99
  • …some oranges and watermelon to its diet. Sun Exposure During the summer when the sun is shining you get a tan; during the winter you don't. It's the same thing with koi. Their scales can change color depending on their exposure to that bright orb in the sky. They won't turn an Oompa-Loompa orange
    …feisty delicious pan fish that thrive in streams rivers lakes and ponds. They grow to between 6 and 10 inches long and appear olive green with an orange underbelly. Their uniform blue-black markings on their gills and fins give them their bluegill name. The issue with standard bluegill is they…
    …Shusui are the scaleless (doitsu) version of Asagi which are koi that display a blue net-like pattern on the back that's complemented by red or orange patterns on the body. In Shusui the blue net pattern is replaced by a single row of scales along the dorsal line at the top of the back. * Kumonryu:…
    …Promote Size and Color: Growth & Vibrance and other color-enhancing foods are high in nutrients to make reds more vibrant blacks deeper and oranges richer. These foods are also protein-packed to help your fish grow quickly. * Summer Staple: Staple food is great for mature fish giving them a diet…
    …exception of meat. Though they love their pelleted diet like The Pond Guy Growth & Vibrance Fish Food koi will happily gobble down lettuce apples oranges watermelon and even tiny shrimp. So why not treat your scaly pals to some healthy fruits and veggies now and then! * Feast and Famine: Koi love to…
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