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Organic Pond Dye

    …plants and balance your pond ecosystem. When planning a water garden there are 5 key components to consider and aquatic plants are one of them. Here are just a few reasons why plants are such an intricate part of any pond ecosystem. * Algae Control: Fish waste and other organic material acts like a…
  • The Pond Guy Activated Carbon


    (23 Reviews)

    …9 lbs. of Carbon w/ 1 Fine Mesh Bag The Pond Guy Activated Carbon pond water clarifier safely clears tea-colored pond water. It is very effective at removing dissolved organics from pond water such as stains and discoloration caused by leaves and organic debris. Activated Carbon filter media is…
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  • API Pond Starter Bundle

    …skin wounds protecting damaged tissue against disease-causing organisms. API Pond Stress Coat water conditioner instantly removes chlorine as it conditions tap water and should be used when setting up a pond adding new fish or changing pond water. Master Test Kit • Monitors Water Quality Fast &…
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  • …probably see some of these worm-sized mud huts. A Tasty Fish Treat Don't worry: These little guys won't harm your pond or your fish. In fact if one wriggles its way into your pond it will be a welcome treat for your fish. Goldfish and other smaller fish will gobble them and their little mud homes;…
    …Leaves fish waste and other organic material accumulate in a pond. Cleaning your pond in the spring is a great step toward preventing algae blooms in ponds. Our spring pond care guide will help you through the process step by step. Throughout the season use a pond vacuum to help keep it tidy.…
    …the pond at the same time. EcoBoost increases the reproduction of aerobic bacteria in the water. Pond Dyes Poor water quality can be the result of excessive sunlight. Pond Dye beautifies your pond and provides a natural shade while improving water quality. Pond Dye is one of the easiest ways a pond
    …bacteria and pond dye to reduce your pond's nutrient load and limit sun exposure. * Reduce Nutrients entering the pond - When at all possible limit the entry of nutrients into the water body that would encourage algal growth such as lawn fertilizers and pesticides organic waste from surrounding…
    …use the ClearVac Pond Vacuum. Keep your pond clean by skimming it regularly and covering it with pond netting during the fall months. Clear Water with Sediment Does your jar have clear water with a layer of sediment on the bottom? If so you have an abundance of organics in the pond and your fish are…
    …days and in 90 days your pond will have full pond protection. Because exposure to sunlight can reduce WipeOut's effectiveness use in combination with Pond Dye. If you use your pond water to irrigate you will need to wait 30 days following treatment. Improve Overall Pond Health: In addition to…
    …your pond will reduce the frequency and severity of algae blooms while providing a healthy ecosystem for your fish plants and other pond life. * Number of Fish and Feeding – Fish are a great addition to any pond but over time your finned friends will grow and may even reproduce. If your pond
    …shorter antenna also doubles as a reproductive organ. New Digs After their travels your snails will need a bit of time to get used to their new home. Just like fish it is best to acclimate them slowly especially in chilly early-season waters. Add some pond water to the bag and float or hold them in…
  • Atlantic Standard 4 Way Splitter

    * Easily Connect Multiple Fixtures * Neaten and Organize Wiring * Removable Weatherproof Caps Atlantic quick-connect 4 way splitter makes connecting multiple fixtures fast and easy. Splitters are available for both Warm White and Color Changing Atlantic Lighting. Use the 4 way splitter to simplify…
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