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Out Of Water Pumps

  • Aquascape® Smart Control Receivers

    * Control Your Pond Pump from a Smartphone or Tablet* Adjusts Water Flow & Customize Scheduling* Compatible with Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pond Pumps Aquascape Smart Control Receiver connects to a Smart Control App allowing you to control Aquascape adjustable flow pond pumps with your smartphone…
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    $157.49 - 184.49
  • Pondmaster® Magnetic Drive Utility Pump 190


    (3 reviews)

    …Adjustable Flow Control The Pondmaster Magnetic Drive - 190 submersible or in-line pump provides a continuous stream of water with an adjustable flow control. The motor is epoxy filled wiping out the possibility of water getting in or leaking anything into the pond. The small design provides up to…
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  • Alpine™ Cyclone™ Pond Pumps


    (6 reviews)

    Pumps are versatile and may be used vertically or horizontally. These asynchronous Alpine pond pumps may also be used in or out of the pond in-line (when used out of the pond they must be positioned below the water level.) The Alpine Cyclone Pump is designed with a vortex impeller for maximum water
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    $199.99 - 449.99
  • The Pond Guy® Universal 3 Check Valve Assembly

    * Designed For Pond Skimmers * Quick & Easy Pump Installation & Removal * Works With 3 Flexible or Rigid PVC The Pond Guy™ 3 Universal Check Valve Assembly will prevent water from draining out of your filter and simplify pump removal. The Check Valve Assembly comes in two pieces.…
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  • Savio Standard Skimmerfilter™


    (3 reviews)

    …types of filtration to become the hardest working skimmer in the pond industry. The rigid removable leaf basket simplifies skimmer clean out and protects your pump from harmful solid debris. The easy to remove filter media tray provides additional surface area; boosting biological filtration and…
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  • Pondmaster® Magnetic Drive Utility Pumps


    (40 reviews)

    …pond. PondmasterMag-Drive water pumps are great for: circulation filtration fountains waterfalls and statuary! The Mag-Drive motor is epoxy filled wiping out the possibility of water getting in or leaking anything into the pond. Use the Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Utility Pump (sizes 500 GPH - 1800…
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    $79.99 - 214.99
  • …PondSkim™ will make quick work out of any clean up job in a larger water garden too. Simply pull the PondSkim through the water and clear 5' at a time. The 1/4 mesh netting hangs 18 from the float to catch suspended debris. When you pull it up out of the water it will form a scoop so no debris…
    …the water column. When ice is formed completely over the pond the gasses become trapped replacing the oxygen and leading to a fatal situation for your fish. Heaters and de-icers keep a hole open in the ice to allow for ventilation but they are not able to circulate the pond to move those gasses out.
    …to you make it an unwelcome spot for mosquitoes looking to settle down and start a family.Keep Water Moving Mosquitoes it seems like prefer to lay their larva in stagnant water. As it turns out ponds are much healthier and more attractive when they're well aerated. The benefits of aeration…
    …and managing the pump and filter your pond will look better and better and bring you more satisfaction as a hobbyist. Of course these examples only scratch the surface of the benefits that a decorative pond or water feature can bring to your yard. You don't have to start out with a big in-ground…
    …beneficial bacteria that consume the excess nutrients and convert them into a harmless gas. Have an existing algae bloom in your water garden that needs treatment? Check out our article How to Choose an Algae Control for tips on managing existing algae growth and different tools that are available…
    …in your water level. Pumps need a constant supply of water so if your water level drops too much and damages your pump you will have to replace it. * Overstrained Pump: On the topic of replacing pumps double-check out your manual on recommendations for winter use or storage as some pumps are not…