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  • Aquascape Faux Oak Stump Cover

    …High Winds Doubles as a Seat* Ideal for Covering Unsightly Landscape Components* Hides Wells Outlets Cords Transformers & More The Aquascape Faux Oak Stump Cover is versatile and unique. Made of a heavy-duty poly-resin this durable hollow cover features an extremely realistic oak appearance…
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  • Power House 24 Hour Timers


    (2 Reviews)

    …NEMA plug and receptacle (for in-line use) built into an outdoor-rated enclosure with clear or black flip cover. This 5-15 plug configuration model plugs directly into the wall outlet and can handle a 15 amp load. The Intermatic P1101 also contains 2 On/Off settings per day with removable trippers.…
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    $100.00 - 225.00
  • …up with the cold. Covering a corner of the pond with a piece of plywood and placing the de-icer under it will block the wind and hold in some heat. You can also try placing a bucket with the bottom cut out over the de-icer after the ice has formed. If you have complete ice cover simply fill a pan…
    …and the perfect option for covering your aeration kit or electrical outlets. Use the Medium or Large to hide your UV clarifier filter septic vents or other bulky eyesores. * Airmax TrueRock Skimmer Covers: These are a shorter flatter version of the Boulder Covers that provide excellent concealment…
    …in or out of the water and check your weatherproof power supply. Your outlet should have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) if not contact a professional and have one installed. Next measure the distance for your outlet to the desired location to make sure the power cord will be long enough.…
  • Oase AquaOxy 450


    (1 Reviews)

    …quiet and efficient way of increasing oxygen levels in the pond using a low-voltage (12V) membrane air injector pump with two adjustable airflow outlets. The included air stones are heavy in weight in order to stay in place and diffuse oxygen into the water. The AquaOxy pond aerator pump is outdoor…
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  • Water gardens and fish ponds offer an outlet for homeowners to design and create features unique to themselves. Adding plants is another way to customize your feature challenge your green thumb with new types of plants and balance your pond ecosystem. When planning a water garden there are 5 key…
  • The Pond Guy AllClear G2 Pressurized Filtration System


    (140 Reviews)

    …With a commitment to simple and easy maintenance and internal diverter valve and waste outlet was added. When a cleanout is needed simply remove the backflush cap turn the function dial to the backflush outlet to activate the diverter and begin the cleaning. Plug the pump back in. Once this process…
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    $399.99 - 755.98
  • …Look for areas with running or pooling water. These could be signs telling you to abandon your ice rink plans. * No Inlets or Outlets. Is it located away from inlets and outlets? Moving water affects the integrity of the ice so avoid areas near inlets/outlets and springs. * Solid blue to clear. This…
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