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  • Gardeneer™ Natural Enemy Scarecrow® SOL-R Action Owl™


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    …Action Owl™ also makes a great scarecrow device for gardeners looking to protect and reap their harvest. SOL-R Action Owl™ is made with recycled materials uses the energy of the sun & wind to power its movements which makes it overall environmentally friendly. This owl decoy works…
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  • Bird-X Prowler Owl

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    …critters away from your lakefront propert or garden by intimidating them with the Bird-X Great Horned Owl. Immobile deocys are not as effective as this glassy-eyed lifelike Prowler Owl always in hunting mode. Head is made of a hard plastic resin body/wings are extra-durable waterproof non-woven…
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  • …lightning-fast paws to grab both aquatic and terrestrial prey. Mother Nature provides her own raccoon control in the form of coyotes foxes great horned owls and bobcats but you can give her a hand by keeping garbage cans sealed and using a live-animal trap baited with cat food or tuna to trap and…
    …Decoy or Nite Guard Solar® designed to chase away rodents and snakes. With its timed head rotation powered by a built-in solar panel the Solar Owl Decoy will help repel nuisance birds and other small critters during the day. And the Nite Guard Solar® LED lights that resemble a predator's…