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  • Kasco Palm Premium Nozzle

    Kasco's Palm Premium Nozzle offers splendid beauty above and beyond the included patterns for the 8400JF - 2 HP, 3.1JF - 3 HP, and 5.1JF - 5 HP Multiple Spray Pattern Fountain models. The Palm Premium Nozzle features 9 stream arch. This nozzle is purchased separately and allow you to define your…
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  • Variegated Umbrella Palm

    …And White Variegation Variegated Umbrella Palm is an outstanding accent plant for your water garden. The green and white variegation is magnificent. An occasional green stem will grow from the plant, if it does, just trim it out. Variegated Umbrella Palm is also a great house plant to have in the…
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  • Dwarf Umbrella Palm, Bundle of 2

    …Natural Filtration The Dwarf Umbrella Palm is a close cousin of the famous Egyptian papyrus plant. Like papyrus, the Dwarf Umbrella Palm grows in clumps in wet and boggy areas, although it will thrive in drier situations as well. This variety of the Umbrella Palm only grows about 2 feet tall. As…
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