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  • Blue Thumb Polished Pebbles


    (No Reviews)

    Pebbles for Fountains* Adds the Finishing Touch to Water Features * Three Color Options Covers 6.25 Sq. Ft. A fountain can add an artistic focal point to your garden or landscape. Give your pondless water feature the finishing touch with Blue Thumb Polished Pebbles. These decorative pond pebbles are…
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  • Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media


    (53 Reviews)

    …Aquatic Planting Media is made of 100% natural montmorillonite with an added beneficial bacteria to help with pond clarity. The neutral pH pebbles in Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media contain beneficial bacteria retain oxygen and help absorb excess alkalinity for improved pond water quality.…
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    $15.16 - 29.56
  • Mini Mountain Spring Granite Fountain Kit

    …control valve polished pebbles and all plumbing and tubing components. Fountain measures 22L x 20W x 15H. Choose from different color combinations to suit your unique style and blend into your existing landscape. Granite boulder fountain is available in Granite or Chestnut. Pebbles are available in…
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    $439.99 - 999.99
  • Copper Sequoia Tree Fountain Kit

    …a kind art piece can be purchased as a complete fountain kit or as a single copper tree. The fountain kit includes the copper sequoia tree 48 basin 1100 gph pump and plumbing. *Please Note: Polished Pebbles are not included with this kit - 200lbs recommended. Click HERE to view pebble color options.
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    $1999.99 - 2949.99
  • GFRC Triple Falls Fountain Kits

    * Four Complete Fountain Kits in Two Colors * Striking Dimensional Glass Fiber Boulders * Kit Includes Polished Pebbles for a Natural Look Enjoy the sound and natural look of one or three bubbling rock boulder sizes with the Blue Thumb Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Fountain Kits. The Triple…
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    $749.99 - 1899.99
  • Millstone Fountain Kit

    …of Polished Pebbles The Blue Thumb Millstone Fountain Kits are designed to withstand years of use while adding a unique focal point. The stone fountains are hand carved in a swirl or angled pattern and come in several sizes. Kits include your choice of colored polished pebbles to fit your landscape…
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    $1099.99 - 1999.99
  • Blue Thumb Small Caldera Fountain Kit

    …the fountain rock alone as a decorative display in your landscape. To enhance the beauty of the rock you can add the element of water by purchasing a complete fountain kit that includes a basin reservoir 530 GPH pump flow control valve tubing & 120 lbs. of polished pebbles for a finished look.
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    $439.99 - 999.99
  • Zen Fountain Kits

    …fountain will complement any garden. The kit includes: fountain a 36 basin mag-drive pump 160 lbs of polished pebbles and all plumbing and tubing components. This fountain measures 18 X 18 12 high. Decorative pond pebbles are 1-3 in size. Each 40 pound bag will cover approximately a 30 x 30 area.
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  • Rustic Basalt Fountain Kits


    (1 Reviews)

    …to 30H. Each Basalt Fountain is carved from real stone for a natural look to provide all the benefits of a larger water feature without the time and cost. Each kit comes complete with a professionally molded basin water pump plumbing and decorative polished pebbles to blend into your surroundings.
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    $899.99 - 2249.99
  • Split Polished Basalt Fountain Kit

    …is easy with this complete water fountain kit. Kit includes your choice of a double or triple Split Basalt Stone fountain basin pump fittings and tubing. To complete the look that kit also comes with your choice of colored polished pebbles that will blend into your natural landscape. -->
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    $2099.99 - 2799.99
  • Watershed Cascade Triple Fountain Kit

    …is available in your choice of granite or chestnut stone and black mixed or striped polished pebbles to accent your landscape garden or patio. The Watershed Triple Fountain Kit comes complete with 3 Faux stone fountains basin fountain pump tubing and fittings and your choice of polished pebbles.
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  • Blue Thumb Tamaishi Fountain Kit

    …the natural flow of water. Kit includes natural stone fountain (approximately 550 lb) molded acheous basin 800 GPH magnetic drive pump tubing and plumbing. The kit also includes your choice of three polished pebbles to give your space the perfect look. Pebble colors: black mixed and brown striped.
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