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Perfect Climate

  • K&H™ Perfect Climate™ Pond De-Icers


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    …Below Surface * Melt Away Surface Forming Ice * Available in 3 Different Wattages Designed for either floating or submersible use, the K&H™ Pond De-Icer keeps your fish safe all winter long. The K&H Perfect Climate™ deicer is thermostatically controlled to keep your pond from freezing.
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    $39.99 - 49.99
  • Variegated Umbrella Palm

    * Tropical Bog Plant * Perfect Accent Plant * Green And White Variegation Variegated Umbrella Palm is an outstanding accent plant for your water garden. The green and white variegation is magnificent. An occasional green stem will grow from the plant, if it does, just trim it out. Variegated…
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