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  • Chapin Pro Series 3 Gallon Pond Sprayer


    (10 Reviews)

    …grip poly shut-off adjustable brass and poly cone nozzles and ergonomic handle for easy carrying. Viton seals are compatible with liquid algaecides herbicides fertilizers and pesticides. The tank is designed for high pressure allowing it to spray up to 23-feet horizontally and 25-feet vertically.
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  • Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media


    (79 Reviews)

    …retain water keeping the bog moist but not waterlogged. Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media Will not break-down float or cloud pond water. Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media contains no algae-promoting nutrients fertilizers compost peat or harmful pesticides and is safe for use in ponds with fish.
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    $15.16 - 29.56
  • …the pond - When at all possible limit the entry of nutrients into the water body that would encourage algal growth such as lawn fertilizers and pesticides organic waste from surrounding areas leaf litter. * Increase Water Movement - A fountain or aeration system that is properly sized and placed…
    …work great as a temporary mosquito killer for ponds. These mosquito destroyers contain Bt-israelensis (Bt-i) a specially formulated biological pesticide just for mosquitoes. They're safe for use around fish and plants and they provide relief for up to 30 days.* Put Mosquito Fish to Work: If you…
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