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Pet Safe Clarifier

  • API Pond Accu-Clear 1 Gallon

    …larger microscopic clusters which will fall to the bottom of the pond or removed by the pond filter. API POND ACCU-CLEAR rapidly clears cloudy pond water and improves the efficiency of the pond filter. Apply weekly or whenever cloudy water is observed and is safe for fish pets wildlife and plants.
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  • API Clear Pond Essential Bundle

    …fish waste and other organic particles in the pond water. Through enzymatic action this bacterial and barley cleaner polishes the pond water clean. The water clarifier is made of natural ingredients making it safe for fish plants pets and wildlife. One scoop treats 200 gallons once every two weeks.
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  • CrystalClear RapiClear


    (15 Reviews)

    …RapiClear allows suspended particles in the water to clump together and fall to the bottom of the pond where they can easily be removed by filtration or a pond vacuum. When used in accordance with label directions CrystalClear RapiClear is completely safe for fish plants pets and pond wildlife.
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    $14.99 - 62.99
  • Complete Aquatics IonMate Electronic Clarifier

    …reduces pond maintenance and provides crystal clear water without the use of chemicals. This ion pond clarifying system only uses 99.99% pure copper alloy probes; it does not use residual bactericidal silver or zinc fillers. It is EPA registered and safe to use around fish plants and pets.
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    $107.99 - 341.99
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