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Ph Increaser

  • CrystalClear® pHusion™

    * Safely Lowers pH * Increases Fish Electrolytic Uptake * Fast Acting Liquid Formula CrystalClear® pHusion™ helps maintain fish health and appearance with natural electrolytic supplements to lower pH levels slowly. CrystalClear® pHusion™ will reduce pH levels no more than 0.2…
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  • …fish. Food that does not get eaten and the excess fish waste will lead to increased muck buildup which is what algae loves to eat and cloudy water. The overabundance if debris can also have an effect on the ammonia and pH levels of the water.What to do if you get algae? If you do end up with an…
  • Power House Aerator Replacement Shroud

    …the shroud helps propel the water above the surface while protecting the motor and impeller from debris damage. This movement circulates and increases oxygen levels to improve the quality of the water. Replacement Aerator Shrouds are available in three sizes. Small Surface Aerator Shroud measures…
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    $72.00 - 135.00
  • …they will be adding waste - something that can cause an algae bloom pH shift and potential fish kill. Adding an aeration system and beneficial bacteria like those found in the ClearPAC® Plus will decrease toxic gases increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and prevent harmful…
  • Power House High Volume Surface Aerators


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    …that increase oxygen levels and create movement in shallow ponds up to 1-1/2 acres that can operate in as little 14-inches deep. High volume surface aerators are designed to float on the water to create a unique umbrella flow pattern to dramatically increase the turnover rate increasing oxygen…
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    $900.00 - 1755.00
  • Power House (2) 18−Watt White LED Lights

    …Power House White LED Light Ring is compatible with Power House Aerating Fountains F500F and F1000F. Adding a light kit to your water display can increase the property value and aesthetic in your landscape. Each Light Kit is available in 115 or 230 Volts and includes 2 brilliant white 18-watt LED…
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    $832.50 - 1125.00