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Pickerel Rush

  • Pickerel Rush, Bundle of 2


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    …Violet-Blue Spikes Add Color * Increases Natural Filtration Pickerel Rush is an aquatic or marsh perennial with a cluster of erect arrowhead-shaped leaves arising from a single basal clump. Throughout late spring and summer, Pickerel Rush produces showy 6-8 inch spires of violet-blue flowers…
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  • Pink Pickerel Rush

    * Tropical Bog Plant * Pink Flowers * Increases Natural Filtration Pink Pickerel Rush is a pink flowering tropical form of pickerel that will bloom when the days are short. Closely related to grasses, the Pink Pickerel Rush will grow in clumps with thick stems, heart-shaped leaves and a pink flower…
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  • White Pickerel Rush

    * Hardy Bog Plant * White Flowers * Increases Natural Filtration White Pickerel Rush can grow up to 30" high. The shiny bright green, heart-shaped leaves and multiple spikes of white flower clusters combine to create a beautiful plant that is a standard of water garden ponds everywhere. This plant…
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