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Places For Fish To Hide

  • Nycon Koi Kastle Fish Shelters


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    …Provide Hiding Places For Fish * Keep Fish Safe From Predators * Multiple Sizes To Fit Your Pond Tired of blue herons and other pond predators snacking on your fish? The Nycon Koi Kastle Fish Shelter is the perfect solution for ponders looking to provide a hiding place for koi and other pond fish.
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    $9.99 - 49.99
  • Aquascape® Small 8' x 11' Pond Kit w/AquaSurge® 3000 Pump

    for Ponds includes a pouch of the all-purpose everyday treatment called Maintain for Ponds. Combines the most effective treatments into one powerful formulation to maintain your pond. Maintain includes beneficial bacteria flocculant to clear cloudy water detoxifier to make the water safe for fish
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  • …or water lettuce will give your fish a place to shelter themselves from predators.Under the Weather Stressed or sick fish will also hide. If they're not feeling well it's normal for them to segregate themselves away from the crowds. If you think your fish may be sick try taking a closer look…
    Fish need to have a safe relaxing place to go whether it is to get away from predators or spawn peacefully. A good pond fish habitat in shallower waters will provide baitfish with hiding places as well as areas for algae plankton and other food sources to grow. Developing a pond fish habitat in…
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™Trophy Trees

    to resemble a woody natural habitat that allows you to lose fewer baits and catch more fish. The openness of the snag free limbs provides plenty of space for large sport fish like bass and crappie to hide in order to capitalize on their opportunistic nature and ambush prey. Create your own go to
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    $89.99 - 119.99
  • …why we recommend Porcupine® Fish Attractor Spheres. When placed in your pond fish will enjoy improved spawning habitat and young fish will have a great place to hide when predators are on the hunt. Using our fish attractor spheres you'll see improved fish survival rates healthier stocks and…
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™ Spawning Bed

    …forage fish like fathead minnows and threadfin shad will utilize the underside to attach their eggs. The Root Wad structure provides a condensed limb artificial habitat that resembles weed beds to provide protection for bait fish and young fry to hide from predators giving them a chance to survive…
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  • MossBack Fish Habitat™Dock Pro Kits

    …pattern of the Safe Haven attracts bait fish to hide in a safe zone while the more open Trophy Tree structure gives the sport fish the ability to quickly find food. This allows your fish to expel less energy growing larger more quickly. For best results place in water depths of 7 feet or more. Spend…
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    $337.99 - 469.99
  • to wade in and look for fish. Adding a little bit of pond dye can create an illusion that the pond is deeper and will make it harder for fish to be seen from a long distance. * Provide Hiding Places: Just in case a heron chooses your pond for its hunting grounds give your fish a place to hide. Fish
    to flourish. Fish can also be added in the summer but they will need a little more time to adjust. Acclimating Fish After stocking your pond acclimating fish is simple. Place the transportation bag in a shaded area of the pond and let float for 15-20 minutes. This allows fish to slowly adjust to
    …hunt for bugs or hide in the shade. The leaves stems and root systems of underwater plants give your pond life safe places to spawn and lay their eggs. And when those tiny fry hatch the plants provide protection food and a comfy place to call home. * Aesthetics: Add some color and dimension to your…
    …detect movement up to 40 feet away and spritzes the predator with water. They are designed to startle them and scare them away. * Provide hiding places for your fish. Just in case a heron does find its way into your pond give your fish a place to hide. Pond Dye can be used to shade your pond.…