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Plant Vitamins

  • Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow Aquatic Plant Supplement


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    …been specially formulated for aquatic plants of all types. Use this low analysis supplement (0.10-0-0.10) once or twice a week for larger brighter and faster blooms as well as healthier and stronger roots. Bloom & Grow contains micro & macro nutrients vitamins amino acids Iron and Potassium in a…
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    $10.79 - 53.19
  • API Pond Essentials with Food

    …• Works Fast API Pond AlgaeFix controls all types of algae that occur in water gardens ponds and ornamental fountains that contain aquatic plants and koi fish. This liquid EPA registered algaecide controls algae growth and controls the formation of new algae as needed. Just 1 teaspoon of…
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  • …few fry. Feeding your fish is a great way to interact with them. Koi goldfish comets and most other pond fish are omnivores meaning they will eat plant and protein food sources. Because they are cold-blooded environmental triggers can change their metabolism meaning that some foods are easier to…
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