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Plastic Bird

  • The Pond Guy Blue Heron Decoy


    (111 Reviews)

    …Life-like Heron Also Makes Great Decor * Durable Construction For Years Of Use Protect your fish with a heron decoy. Herons are very territorial birds; when the decoy is placed near a pond other herons will avoid conflict and find a different feeding spot! The Pond Guy Blue Heron Decoy deters…
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  • Bird-X Prowler Owl


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    …mode. Head is made of a hard plastic resin body/wings are extra-durable waterproof non-woven fabric supported by flexible cabels and riveted plastic struts. With realistic markings and wings that move in the wind you can repel pigeions seagulls crows and other pest birds and rodents anywhere the…
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  • De-Coy-ote Decoy

    …successful deterrent against pesky geese herons and other birds. The wind activated spring action movement gives the appearance that it is in running motion. This high resolution life-sized image is made from UV resistant corrugated plastic and includes a waterproof wooden dowel. The De-Coy-ote is…
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