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Pond Alligator

  • Aquascape Floating Alligator Decoy


    (8 Reviews)

    …On The Pond Surface * Natural Body Movement Creates Lifelike Appearance The Aquascape Floating Alligator Decoy has three hinged body parts allowing for unfettered movement and creating a deceptive life-like appearance sure to deter predators from visiting your koi pond. The Alligator Decoy moves…
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  • Bird-X Gator Guard Decoy


    (9 Reviews)

    alligator head decoy that will effectively keep away geese and other pesky waterfowl. Its life-like eyes will flash in the light as it moves in the wind and bobs in the water. The Gator Guard provides effective pond predator protection in areas where alligators do not live; the fear of alligators is…
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  • Aquascape Alligator Spitter

    * Pond Spitter Poly−Resin Statue * Unique Way to Decorate Living Spaces * Adds a Focal Point to Any Water Feature Add an interesting focal point to existing watergardens with an Aquascape Alligator Spitter. The poly-resin Alligator Spitter mimics the texture shape and finish of real brass at a…
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  • …brooks ponds and even special crayfish farms across the country. Most types prefer fresh flowing water that doesn't freeze in the winter but some thrive in swamps and ditches. During the day crayfish hunker down underneath rocks to hide from predators like fish birds and alligators. But at night…
    …by to find a lake or pond that's not inhabited by their grumpy cousins. * Alligator Decoy: Whether your pond is in Florida Wisconsin or Oregon your resident geese will scatter when an alligator decoy like the Gator Guard Decoy is deployed. Geese instinctively fear alligators even if they have never…
  • Hydro Glow Deep Water Fishing LED Globe Light

    …inshore fishing. The premium deep water offshore angler HG30 LED fishing light provides 360° of 4200 lumens. Each light comes standard with a 20' power cord and waterproof connector making it easy to change between alligator clips accessory plug or 120V to 12V power supply. 2-year warranty.
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    $133.00 - 199.50
  • Hydro Glow Underwater LED Fishing Lights


    (2 Reviews)

    …Fishing Lights power cord is designed with a waterproof connector that easily connects to an accessory plug (not included) or to the included alligator clips that hooks onto your existing 12V battery power supply. The 10-watt 1-foot long light is ideal for ice fishing or shallow water fishing off…
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    $76.00 - 180.50
  • …the pond as soon as the ice melts the geese will find a different nesting area. * Coyote and Alligator Decoys: Geese prefer an open area near water so they can make a quick getaway in case a predator comes along. To discourage them from landing on your property by placing coyote or alligator decoys…

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