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Pond Calculator

    …longest widest and deepest points on your pond or pond to be. Next plug these numbers into the calculator: (Length + (2 x Depth + 1)) by (Width + (2 x Depth + 1)). Let's look at an example for a pond that is 10' long 5' wide and 3' deep: * Double the pond's depth: 2 x 3' = 6' * Add 1' extra for…
    …starting with the pond's vertical walls. Next fill in with smaller boulders and rocks starting from the bottom and stacking on the inside of the pond. Be creative and if needed rework the area to get the look you want. If you are unsure how much rock to get use our calculator. Step 8: Attach Liner…
    …planning to design and build your own feature here's how to do the math to determine your basin size. Step 1: Calculate total amount of water in your stream Sound tricky? It's not. To calculate the water that's in motion in your stream first measure your stream's length width and depth. Then plug…
    …the pond drop the weight into the water and note where you feel it hit the bottom. * Repeat your measurements for at least 4 other areas within the pond doing more if the pond is particularly large. * When you have a good sampling of your pond's depth record the maximum depth and calculate the…
    …circular ponds so this will not work. Instead the PS20 will provide proper aeration for ponds of a rectangular shape. Feeling stumped on how to find the right aeration system for your pond or have questions on calculating your pond volume? Call us at 866-766-3435 for our free personalized pond
  • 45 Mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner


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    …it's ease of installation. When finished your pond will have a natural look. Use EPDM pond liner with Underlayment to protect your liner from sharp objects and heavy rocks. Not sure what size EPDM pond liner you need? Try our Water Garden Calculator or give our experts a call at 866-766-3435.…
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    $29.99 - 4499.99
  • Aquascape® IonGen™ 2 - Electronic Clarifier


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    …Algae in Koi Ponds * Use In−Line with Existing Plumbing Tired of using chemicals on your string algae? The IonGen™ 2 Clarifier will drastically reduce pond maintenance and keep your water looking crystal clear without the use of chemicals. It works by releasing a calculated mixture of…
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  • Pond Underlayment


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    …to damage from insects and rodents. Underlayment should cover all surfaces in which the pond liner will be placed. Underlayment does not need to be seamed joints may be simply overlapped. Not sure what size you need? Try our Water Garden Calculator or give our experts a call at 866-766-3435.
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    $24.99 - 159.99
  • …sure how to calculate your pond volume or choose the best aeration system for your pond or lake? Call us at 866-766-3435 for our free aerial mapping service or use the Online Aeration Mapping Service for sizing. We will help make the right aeration decision - for you and your pond! Finding the…
    calculate the cubic feet in your pond. Water gardens are typically measured in gallons so you will then need to multiply cubic feet by 7.48 (the number of gallons in 1 cubic foot). If your water garden has multiple ponds or is irregularly shaped calculate the gallons for smaller sections of the pond
    pond think about how many fish your pond can handle and what type of filtration system will be adequate for your pond. * Determine the number of gallons and how many inches of fish your pond can hold. Write down the length width and average depth of your pond and enter it into our online calculator
    …If your pond is already at capacity this can cause things to get a bit crowded and dirty from all the fish waste. Try to keep your fish population around 1-2 Koi or 2-3 goldfish per 200 gallons. If you have questions on your fish load use our calculator to determine what your pond's capacity.…