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Pond Capacity Calculator

    …if you have a 1000-gallon pond you need a pump that can produce at least 500 gallons per hour or GPH. If you have fish then it is best to double the pump's capacity to ensure that your water stays clean. A common misconception is that pump size is only related to pond size; however the size of a…
    …FREE Pond Profile Service. An Aeration Expert will map your pond and design an aeration system for you. {*Pond Size Shape and Depth You need to know your pond's size in order to select a unit that is capable of circulating and oxygenating all the wet stuff in your pond. To calculate your pond size…
    …your pond is already at capacity this can cause things to get a bit crowded and dirty from all the fish waste. Try to keep your fish population around 1-2 Koi or 2-3 goldfish per 200 gallons. If you have questions on your fish load use our calculator to determine what your pond's capacity. On a…
    …the pond drop the weight into the water and note where you feel it hit the bottom. * Repeat your measurements for at least 4 other areas within the pond doing more if the pond is particularly large. * When you have a good sampling of your pond's depth record the maximum depth and calculate the…
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