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Pond Care 101

    Effective pond care requires a balance between REACTIVE and PROACTIVE pond care methods. Understanding the differences between them and knowing which method to use and when will ultimately create a healthy pond you can enjoy year after year. REACTIVE Pond Care * A short-term solution to control…
  • MossBack Fish Habitat Root Wad

    pond habitats as well as the best fish attractor structures for ponds lakes and reservoirs. Free Fish Habitat Layout Not sure which habitat structure is right for your pond? Let us help you achieve any pond or lake habitat goals with artificial fish habitats. The presence of habitat in your pond is…
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  • …to shade the water bacteria augmentation and sub-surface aeration you will be on your way to addressing the root of the problem - excess nutrients and sunlight. Just be sure to wait at least 72 hours after an algaecide treatment to add any beneficial bacteria. Learn more about Pond Care 101 here.

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