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  • Atlantic Bio Rocks Filter Media


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    …Series Waterfall Filters to keep water healthy and clear. The 0.5 cubic feet pond filter rocks have all the surface area but weigh 25% less than traditional lava rocks and half the weight of gravel expanded clay. Atlantic Bio Rocks filter media is a less abrasive and stable alternative to…
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  • …tub with clay and a clay/soil mix with Aquatic Planting Media on top. Position the bulb inside the container with the growing tip pointed up. Place in the pond so that the growing tip is in 3-6 of water. Once the leaves reach the surface you can place the pot in a deeper area of your pond. * Bog…
    …with poor water quality can cause your pond fish to stress. When stressed they're more prone to disease and health problems which can cause their color to lighten. Troubled Waters Because these guys are bottom dwellers they can stir up a lot of debris or clay. That will contribute to cloudy murky…
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