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Pond Cooler

  • API Cool Water Pond Food 1.4 lb

    * Digestible Carbohydrate Diet * Complete Nutrition for Cooler Water * Rich in Protein for Growth & Reduced Waste API Cool Water food delivers rich proteins that your koi and goldfish need for optimized growth and reduced waste. The high-quality formula is designed to boost health and support…
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  • The Pond Guy Seasonal Defense


    (79 Reviews)

    * Beneficial Pond Bacteria Product for 3 Seasons * Accelerate Debris Decomposition * No Mess Water Soluble Packets The Pond Guy Seasonal Defense is formulated for the cooler months of the season and is safe for fish plants pets and pond wildlife. Seasonal Defense accelerates the decomposition of…
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    $16.99 - 139.99
  • …will not need a pond heater to warm the water. Most pond fish including koi and goldfish will overwinter in your pond as long as the depth is at least 18. Koi & goldfish go into a torpor or hibernation: their metabolism slows they stop eating and they are able to tolerate cooler water—even…
    …dissolved oxygen levels in the pond are reduced. Using pond dye will keep the water cooler and allow fish to breathe easier during the summer. Pond Dye Colors The most popular reason to add dye to your pond is to enhance the natural color and beauty of your landscape. Pond dye colors include bright…
  • The Pond Guy Spring & Fall Fish Food


    (89 Reviews)

    …Plant Based Food for Easy Digestion The Pond Guy Spring & Fall Floating Fish Food contains an easy-to-digest formula for cooler temperatures. This wheatgerm fish food formula is key for transitioning koi and goldfish into and out of this cold weather. The Pond Guy Spring & Fall Floating Fish…
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    $12.99 - 119.99
  • Cooler water will also hold more valuable oxygen that your fish will need as they travel. Acclimate Your Fish to Their New Environment * Equalize Water Temperature: You will want to gradually equalize the temperature of the water your fish are currently occupying with that of the water in your pond.
    …the bottom of your pond. When your pond is properly aerated muck naturally breaks up thanks to the healthy and growing population of aerobic beneficial bacteria. If there is not enough oxygen present debris will accumulate at an faster rate. What Temperature is the Pond Water Cooler water holds more…
  • CrystalClear Spring & Fall Prep


    (6 Reviews)

    …is formulated for the cooler months of the season to accelerate the decomposition of leaves scum and sediment that create pond muck during the fall and winter months. These easy-to-use water-soluble packets are safe for fish plants pets and wildlife while keeping your pond looking its best even when…
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    $24.99 - 39.99
  • Hikari WheatGerm Fish Food


    (5 Reviews)

    …nutritious easily assimilated highly digestible daily diet for koi and other pond fish including goldfish. Developed through many years of breeding experience this highly nutritious WheatGerm koi food is extremely effective in cooler climates which experience a winter season. Give your koi a jump on…
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    $10.79 - 177.99
  • …layers by moving the cooler oxygen-starved water to the pond's surface so it can become infused with oxygen. The warmer oxygen-rich water then drops to the bottom of the pond to fuel your beneficial bacteria. With all this churning the water temperature of a properly aerated pond will be no more…
    …Cold Weather Relief: Herons are migratory birds and they have no appreciation for cold weather. So if you're located in the cooler northern climes - particularly where ponds tend to freeze during the winter months - you'll usually notice their absence when temperatures start to drop. Like many of us…
    …your pond. Cold weather bacteria such as Seasonal Defense Spring & Fall Prep should be used until water temperatures fall below 40°F. Seasonal Defense will further break down any remaining debris through the cooler part of the season and will give you a head start on spring pond management.…
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