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Pond Design

  • The Pond Guy RapidFlo Ecosystem Pond Kit


    (5 Reviews)

    …or Filter Size * Provides Heavy Waterfall Flow RapidFlo EcoSystem Garden Pond Kit is designed with large waterfalls and the sound of water in mind. The two-part filtration system makes them very versatile when a larger pond ecosystem and heavy water flow are desired. The first part of the system…
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    $1069.99 - 2899.99
  • Pond King Honey Hole Nursery

    …Food Source for Fry * Increasing Recruitment of Forage Species Dramtically increase the survival rate of newly hatched fry with Pond King Honey Hole Nursery. Designed to provide 100% escape cover for fry that is environmentally friendly. When placed in water depths of 2 to 5 feet deep fry are able…
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    $99.00 - 319.00
  • …in the bottom of the pond. Don't worry if they aren't covering the pond's surface yet they'll grow quickly. As the pond is filling with water backfill around the skimmer and pond for additional support.Step 12: Apply Waterfall Foam Waterfall foam is fish safe and designed to fill in the gaps between…
  • Atlantic Pond Kit


    (2 Reviews)

    …Pump Atlantic's Pond Kit saves you time and money by avoiding costly mismatching and multiple trips to the store. The skimmer waterfall box pump tubing and accessories are designed to work together to eliminate any guesswork. Atlantic Pond Kits range from 6' x 11' pond to 21' x 26' ponds and include…
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    $934.99 - 3330.99
  • The Pond Guy Stress Reducer Plus


    (33 Reviews)

    * Alleviate Stress Caused By Handling * Neutralize Heavy Metals From Tap Water * Great For Treating New Ponds Or Adding New Fish The Pond Guy Stress Reducer Plus is designed to reduce fish stress and heal damaged tissue. Stress Reducer Plus forms a beneficial stress reducing slime coat replacing the…
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    $14.99 - 69.99
  • Atlantic FastFalls Spillway Oasis & Pro Series


    (3 Reviews)

    * Durable Waterfall Spillway * Designed for Pumps up to 9000 GPH * Handles up to 33000 Pounds Create a beautiful waterfall to any pond or pondless water feature with Atlantic; FastFalls; Spillway. Immensely strong FastFalls Spillways set the standard; with an internal baffle system stabilized by…
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    $135.99 - 349.99
  • Atlantic Colorfalls-Color Changing Weir & Basin Kit


    (1 Reviews)

    …Weir and Basin Kit includes everything you need to install a formal spillway without a pond. The spillway will allow you to change patterns and colors with a remote whenever you want. The included basin was designed to easily hide the plumbing and works great with retaining walls and paving stones.…
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    $885.98 - 1552.98
  • The Pond Guy AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit


    (1 Reviews)

    …On Pump Or Filter Size * Provides Maximum Filtration AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit is designed with ease of installation efficiency and maximum filtration in mind. The advanced filtration system found in an AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit starts with a SolidFlo debris handling pump. The SolidFlo G2 pumps…
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    $639.99 - 1099.99
  • The Pond Guy UltraUV Pond Clarifier


    (51 Reviews)

    …connects to 3/4 1 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 tubing. Ideal for ponds up to 5000 gallons. Vortex Flow The durable vortex design of the UltraUV channels incoming water around the UV bulb several times for maximum exposure before exiting. This ensures your pond water stays crystal clear all season. Universal…
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    $119.99 - 219.99
  • …system will work with the depth of your pond. Airmax Aeration Systems – Offered in four types of series these pond aeration systems can aerate a pond up to 6+ acres and 50' deep. * Shallow Water Series – The SW20 and SW40 are designed for ponds up to 6' deep and have 2 or 4 diffuser…
    …Standard Density filter pads are constructed with an open weave design allowing for higher water flow rates and will require less frequent cleaning compared to higher density products. * High Density - Mechanical Filtration: If your pond water contains fine particulates High Density filter media is…
  • The Pond Guy Pond Aerator


    (122 Reviews)

    * Enhance Oxygen Levels all Year * Ideal for Ponds up to 4000 Gallons * Energy Efficient Design for 24−7 Use The Pond Guy Pond Aerator is the ideal choice for aerating water gardens and koi ponds between 1000 and 6000 gallons. With the energy efficient diaphragm compressor paired with a…
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    $149.99 - 269.98

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