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Pond Feeder

  • TetraPond® Vacation Food Slow Release Feeder Block


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    …Feeds Up To 7 Days TetraPond® Vacation Food is a slow release gel block to nourish your fish while you are away. It is nutritionally balanced for all your pond fish. The Vacation Food does not cloud water and does not disintegrate on its own; the fish will eat from the block as they are hungry.
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  • …bait fish you have two options: stock your pond with them and keep a separate supply on hand to use when you do some fishing. To stock your pond with bait fish purchase a supply from your local sports shop or pet store and introduce them to your pond or lake after acclimating them. Be sure to…
    …however some drawbacks to stocking your pond with hybrid bluegills alone. Because reproduction is slower natural cycles and predator fish may result in dwindling fish populations over time. In those situations restocking with additional bluegills and/or other feeder fish like minnows may be required…