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Pond Filter Combo

  • The Pond Guy SimplyClear Pressurized Filtration System


    (59 Reviews)

    …One Powerful Unit * Perfect For Existing or New Ponds * Filters Ponds up to 1250 Gallons The Pond Guy SimplyClear utilizes mechanical biological and UV filtration in a single unit and can filter up to a 1250 gallon pond. With a multistep filter pad design the SimplyClear allows for the removal…
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    $189.99 - 332.98
  • The Pond Guy AllClear G2 Pressurized Filtration System


    (140 Reviews)

    …or New Ponds The totally redesigned AllClear G2 combines quality performance and ease of use. Ensuring no detail was left out this filter was designed in Germany exclusively for The Pond Guy. Filtration begins with a high output low energy 9-watt UV clarifier. The UV clarifier exposes pond water to…
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    $399.99 - 755.98
  • The Pond Guy UltraUV & SolidFlo Combo


    (12 Reviews)

    …The Pond Guy UltraUV Pond Clarifier and SolidFlo Pump Combo. We paired the pond clarifier and pump together based on pond size. This ensures proper water flow rates to channel water around ultraviolet rays for maximum exposure without creating too much pressure. Resulting in crystal clear pond water…
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    $233.98 - 467.98
  • …clarifiers can be run inline or as part of your filter system. Which type you choose will depend on your preference and pond's set up. * The Pond Guy UltraUV: Designed for ponds up to 500 gallons and pumps up to 2650 GPH. The UltraUV sits outside your pond and can easily be added inline to existing…
  • The Pond Guy UltraUV Pond Clarifier


    (77 Reviews)

    ponds that suffer from poor water quality caused by full sun exposure. The UltraUV works by channeling water into the vortex chamber for maximal high output UV light exposure. The ultraviolet rays clears the water before exiting the unit and proceeding to a biological filter or back into the pond.
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    $129.99 - 249.99
  • Controlling pond weeds and other vegetation can be a tough job but using the right tools can make it easier. Removing weeds and algae from your pond is an important part of maintaining your pond. Here are some gadgets that are handy to have in your pond toolbox. Sprayer A sprayer is an easy way to…
    …or a diverter valve to power your waterfall or spitter. * External Pressurized Filter: For those with larger ponds up to 4500 gallons the AllClear G2 and SolidFlo G2 Combo Kits offers mechanical and biological filters and an ultraviolet clarifier in one efficient economical filtration unit. Water…
    …extra. For these pond owners the CrystalClear PondAir & Thermo-Pond 3.0 De-Icer Combos are the perfect option. Using a de-icer and aeration kit together will ensure that a hole is kept open water circulates properly and your dissolved oxygen levels remain high. Additionally using a pond aeration kit…
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