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Pond Ionizer

  • Aquascape® IonGen™ 2 - Electronic Clarifier


    (1 reviews)

    * Adjustable Pond Ionizer with Digital Display * Naturally Control String Algae in Koi Ponds * Use In−Line with Existing Plumbing Tired of using chemicals on your string algae? The IonGen™ 2 Clarifier will drastically reduce pond maintenance and keep your water looking crystal clear…
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  • …* Ionizers – Ion Clarifiers are designed to release copper ions into the pond to keep it clear and reduce string algae build up. In order to release the ions from the anode ionizers require pumps to have a minimum flow rate. Ionizers can easily be incorporated into new or existing ponds by…
  • Atlantic® Triton™ 3 Ionizer


    (2 reviews)

    …organic growth to keep your water feature crystal clear through the LED control panel or by downloading the Triton Ionizer app on any smartphone or tablet. The Triton 3 pond Ionizer can be installed without tools and seamlessly integrates with the Triton Universal Check Valve (see image or inline…
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