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Pond Less Water Fall

  • Blue Thumb Cascade Pondfree Waterfall Kits


    (25 Reviews)

    …long x 1' wide stream to a 15' long x 4' wide stream. Water falls from the cascading waterfall box and continues down stream. Water disappears into a bed of gravel where it is recirculated back to the top of the falls. The Cascading Falls Kits can be installed in a weekend to leave a lasting…
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    $447.99 - 1421.99
  • Atlantic Colorfalls-Color Changing Weir & Basin Kit


    (1 Reviews)

    …without a pond. The spillway will allow you to change patterns and colors with a remote whenever you want. The included basin was designed to easily hide the plumbing and works great with retaining walls and paving stones. You can choose from four different sizes of spillway water features to…
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    $908.98 - 1590.98
  • Atlantic Colorfalls Weir & Basin Kit - 12-Inch

    …to any landscaping plan or interior design focal point. Atlantic Colorfalls and Basin Kit will carry the beauty and sound of shimmering flowing water deep into the evening. The kit comes with everything you need to install your own formal spillway. The built-in plumbing recesses that enable all…
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  • Atlantic Brass Wall Spouts

    * Bronze Finished Solid Brass Fixtures * 1½ Inlet For Smooth Water Flow * Integrated Drip Edge Eliminates Backflow Introducing the newest entry to Formal Spillways made from solid brass the Atlantic Brass water fountain spouts add old world charm with a modern twist. These heavy-duty fountain…
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  • …period.When to Feed Pond Fish Water temperature will have an effect on how much your fish will eat. As the water temperatures start dropping in the fall fish will eat less and will eventually stop feeding until spring when the water warms up. Only feed your game fish when the water temperature is…
    …forms So you've decided to winter your fish over in your pond following these steps will help ensure your fish get that life-sustaining oxygen they will need. * Remove debris from the pond. In the fall before ice forms give your pond or water feature a good cleaning. Remove debris trim dead leaves…
    …in the late fall and early winter the water on the surface of your lake or pond loses its heat and becomes heavier. This cold heavy water sinks to the bottom while the warmer water from the bottom rises to the top and cools. The cycling process continues until the overall water temperature reaches…
    …start to eat less than when they were growing in summer. As the water temperatures cool you will want to reduce the quantity of food you serve. Not only will it save you from skimming out what they do not eat you will also have a cleaner pond since your fish will produce less waste. Nutritional…
    water. It naturally decreases over time through bacterial action that produces acidic compounds that combine with and reduce the alkalinity components. In a pond or lake the alkalinity of the water is critical to the health of the fish. The carbonate hardness of your pond or lake should ideally fall
    …into the pond as the tiny droplets make contact with the air and fall back into the pond. But do pond water fountains provide enough aeration? Similar to choosing an aeration system determining if a fountain is right for your pond will depend on the depth shape and size. 6' Rule If your pond is more…
    …thermometer so you know the water's temperature. Never feed your fish when the water is less than 40°F. At this point they will be in hibernation and they will not be able to digest it. * Seasonal Shifts: For cooler water wheat germ based diets like Spring & Fall Fish Food are the best bet.…
    …in the water that algae would use for a food source cutting down the chance for algae to grow. The DefensePAC even has a product Seasonal Defense to use in the early spring and fall when the water is below 50°F. Water Garden Aeration Kits Warm water holds less oxygen than cooler water so making…
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