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Pond Liner Material

  • Pond Underlayment


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    * Protect Pond Liner From Rocks * No Seaming Necessary * Use Under Pond Liner This underlayment for ponds is a soft fabric that allows gas to escape protects your liner from sharp objects and installs easily. Made of 100% polypropylene non-woven material is specially formulated to resist ultraviolet…
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    $24.99 - 159.99
  • Ponds (over 5000 sq. ft.) Using EPDM liners for larger ponds can require a lot of field seaming and the material is not durable enough to handle large applications. Instead for ponds over 5000 sq. ft. The Pond Guy® recommends using Custom Size Large Pond Liner. When installing these liners 12 of…
    …is a flexible material that can easily conform to any configurations you choose. When selecting a liner make sure to get one that is meant for ponds. Unfortunately pool liners or roofing material often get experimented with and pond owners learn a hard lesson. These materials often are constructed…
    …whether plastic liner or concrete. * K&H™ Thermo-Pond 3.0 Pond De-Icer – The Thermo-Pond 3.0 uses only 100 watts to prevent toxic gas buildup in ponds up to 1000 gallons. It is made of durable plastic and will never get hot enough to burn fish hands or your pond liner. The domed top…
  • The Pond Guy® Muck Defense® Pond Muck Reducer


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    …Muck Defense is great at removing hard to reach muck from the bottom of gravel & rock pond bottoms. All the decaying organic material adds to your nutrient load which in time can create algae blooms. Muck Defense reduces the waste and eliminates pond odors to keep your pond clear and balanced.
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    $16.99 - 139.99
  • Atlantic® Oasis 16 FilterFalls

    …durable and long lasting materials these units are an easy way to build a waterfall into your pond landscape while adding some beneficial biological filtration. The unit features a rolled upper rim providing clean lines and incredible strength. It's easy to attach a liner to the filer if need be as…
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  • Atlantic® FilterFalls Big Bahama Pro Series


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    …ecosystem for plants and fish to thrive in. FilterFalls units are designed to be easily camouflaged with natural materials or Atlantic Rock Lids and easily accessed for routine maintenance. Each FilterFalls comes with a removable top grate media bag filter pads and a liner attachment flange.
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    $358.99 - 695.99
  • …your liner. Attach the waterfall box to the liner using Fish Safe Silicone to create a watertight seal. Pro Tip: If you are installing your waterfall into an existing feature you do not need to seam the streamliner to the pond liner. Simply place the streamliner over the pond liner so water…
    …indoor pond area. Because your fish won't be as active they won't need a huge pond to live in so you can get away with smaller quarters. Choose a tank that's sized appropriately for the number and size of your fish. If you have large koi or a large number of smaller fish a small preformed pond liner