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Pond Ph Kit

  • API Pond Master Test Kit


    (32 Reviews)

    …Water For pH Ammonia & Nitrite * Instructional Booklet On Water Testing * Easy To Read Color Charts Pond Master Test Kit is a complete kit for testing tap water and pond water. This kit includes 4 tests to protect pond fish from dangerous water conditions. The Pond Master Test Kit tests water for pH
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  • API pH Test Kit 160 Tests


    (7 Reviews)

    …Measure Koi Pond pH * Easy−to−Read Color Chart * Test Pond pH from 5.0 − 9.0 Proper pH of pond water is imperative to prevent the harmful effects of too alkaline or too acidic pond water on fish and plant life. The Wide Range water pH Test Kit will test pond pH levels from 5.0…
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  • API Pond Starter Bundle

    …a pond adding new fish or changing pond water. Master Test Kit • Monitors Water Quality Fast & Accurate • Prevents Invisible Water Issues • Conducts Over 500 Tests The API Pond Master Test Kit measures the most important levels in your pond quickly and accurately including pH ammonia…
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  • API 5-In-1 Pond Test Strips


    (4 Reviews)

    …Nitrite pH & Hardness * Accurate Results in 1 Minute * Teaches How to Correct Issues API 5-In-1 Pond Test Strips use highly accurate color charts for precise test results of nitrate nitrite pH total alkalinity and total hardness levels in your pond. Chart colors are distinctive making the pond test…
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  • Power House Screen Kits


    (1 Reviews)

    …screen. The screen kit is an ideal accessory for Power House aerators ice eaters and weeds away. The screen guards against turtles from falling into the aerator and prevents algae weeds and other debris from entering the motor shroud and damaging propellers. Small screen kits fit 10 diameter shrouds…
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  • CrystalClear PondAir Diaphragm Compressor Maintenance Kits


    (62 Reviews)

    …running like new. We recommend installing an air pump diaphragm compressor maintenance kit replacement every 6-12 months. These replacement mini air pump diaphragm compressor maintenance kits are guaranteed to fit the following aeration systems: PondAir Aeration Kits and Aquascape Pond Aerator 4.
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    $7.99 - 14.99
  • Carbonate Hardness Test Strip - Single Test


    (3 Reviews)

    …Your Pond Water * Quick & Easy To Use Using a Carbonate Hardness Test prior to applying certain algaecides and herbicides in your pond is recommended. A Water Hardness greater than 50ppm helps fish that are sensitive to chemical treatments. Harder water assists your pond in controlling varying pH
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  • …under the weather. Make sure to keep your pond clean and well-oxygenated with an aeration system like the The Pond Guy Pond Aerator. Also be sure to check your water quality with a water test kit like the Pond Master Test Kit that measures ammonia and pH and correct it if necessary. Additionally to…
    …designed to make maintaining your pond fast and easy. Just a quick vacuum every week or so will remove any debris that has fallen into the pond to prevent a large unsightly buildup. Test the Water Another part of summer pond maintenance is checking the water for pH nitrite ammonia and phosphate. Too…
    …To keep the water quality as even as possible test your water's pH ammonia nitrite and phosphate levels regularly using a commercial water testing kit. You'll also want to keep your water well-aerated using a diffuser like the Pond Aerator to be sure the fish get an ample supply of oxygen. Also be…
  • Power House (2) 18−Watt White LED Lights

    …F500F and F1000F. Adding a light kit to your water display can increase the property value and aesthetic in your landscape. Each Light Kit is available in 115 or 230 Volts and includes 2 brilliant white 18-watt LED Lights that produce 110 Lumens per watt. Light kits do not require a transformer.…
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    $975.00 - 1365.00
  • Power House (4) 3-Watt Color Changing LED Lights

    …Colors for the Holidays or Special Events * Colored Lenses Are Easy to Install & Change Power House 115V or 230V 3-Watt Color Changing LED Light kit features 4 waterproof light fixtures transformer and power cord lengths up to 200-feet. 11 pre-programmed operation modes with 7 colors 4 color…
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    $1840.00 - 2180.00
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