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Pond Plant Baskets

  • The Pond Guy® Barley Straw Pellets


    (4 reviews)

    …The Pond Guy® Barley Straw Pellets are cleaner, easier to apply and work faster than regular barley straw bales. Simply introduce The Pond Guy® Barley Straw Pellets where water is flowing to buffer pH, introduce humic acids and keep water clear. Safe for fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.…
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    $19.99 - 32.99
  • The Pond Guy® Plant Bags


    (4 reviews)

    …Fit Your Planting Needs * Flexible Material To Fit Your Pond Shape * Protects Plant From Your Fish The Pond Guy® Plant Bags area great space saver! These mesh pond planting bags can contour to fit even the narrow and oddly shaped areas of your pond. The durable 1/16" mesh keeps planting media…
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    $8.99 - 11.99
  • Indiana Hardy Water Lily


    ( reviews)

    * Flower Changes From Dark Orange To Red * Increase Shade & Filtration * Perfect For Small Pond & Container Gardens Add a pop of color in your small pond or container garden. The Indiana - Changeable Hardy Water Lily has variegated lily pads with splashes of maroon. It also features 2"-3"…
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  • Planting Basket Floats


    (1 reviews)

    Turn your regularly submersible pond planting basket into lovely floating aquatic plant-islands in just seconds. Simply placing your plant basket into the ready made Pond Planting Basket Float, then sit back and enjoy!
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  • Plant Socks

    …your pond's edges and curves with these strong, flexible plant socks. Now you can protect your plants from fish while keeping the roots from taking over your pond. The finely woven material is incredibly durable and works well for most aquatic plants. Available in two sizes to meet all your planting
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    $12.99 - 15.99
  • Round Floating Plant Island

    plant arrangements with these linkable floating planting baskets. Ideal for pond hobbyists that want to add a pop of color, while protecting plants from grazing pond fish. The floating plant island has a self-watering design that helps keep the water clean. Durable porous material covers the basket
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    $29.99 - 34.99
  • Microbe-Lift® Aquatic Planting Media


    (11 reviews)

    …Encourage Plant Health * Does Not Cloud Pond Water * Safe For All Fish & Aquatic Life Microbe-Lift® Aquatic Planting Media is made of 100% natural montmorillonite with an added beneficial bacteria to help with pond clarity. The neutral pH pebbles in Microbe-Lift® Aquatic Planting Media…
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    $13.56 - 26.36
  • Variegated Cattail

    …or koi pond. Produces catkins (Catkins are sterile) in late summer. Variegated Cattails are robust growers and will need plenty of room to spread. The Variegated Cattail can be planted in a 2 gallon container or a medium planting bag. Please review our 14-Day Live Goods Guarantee. Aquatic Plants,
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  • Common Cattail, Bundle of 2

    …make a nice accent plant in any size pond and can grow 6'-7' high with catkins appearing in late July or August. If planting in a container these hardy bog plants may need to be repotted each year. Sold in bundles of 2. Please review our 14-Day Live Goods Guarantee. Aquatic Plants, Snails & Tadpoles…
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  • API® AlgaeFix®


    (33 reviews)

    …in ponds that contain live plants and fish. API® AlgaeFix® for ponds will kill existing algae blooms, keeping ornamental ponds and water gardens clean & clear. Once pond algae growth is under control, weekly doses of API® AlgaeFix® will control algae growth and reduce pond
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    $12.99 - 114.99
  • Lance-Leafed Arrowhead

    …summer making it a good choice for small ponds or a container water garden. Please review our 14-Day Live Goods Guarantee. Aquatic Plants, Snails & Tadpoles are excluded from free shipping offers and will ship separately from all other items. All Plants, Snails & Tadpoles have a flat rate shipping…
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  • Assorted - Mixed Tropical Water Lilies

    …* Choose From Blue, Pink & Purple Flowers * Promote Natural Filtration & Shade Fill your pond with beauty and vibrancy this summer with assorted blue, pink and purple tropical lily plants. This lily collection contains the same great tropical water lilies that we normally sell, only the…
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