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Pond Predators

  • Heron Stop Reflector


    (5 reviews)

    * Keep Herons At A Distance * Provides Constant Reflection * Features Bird Of Prey Eyes The growing heron population is a problem for pond lovers. Fish are the main feed of blue herons. The Heron Stop Reflector can bring relief to your fish. Featuring the holographic bird of prey eye and the 6…
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  • …away and spritzes the predator with water. They are designed to startle them and scare them away. * Provide hiding places for your fish. Just in case a heron does find its way into your pond give your fish a place to hide. Pond Dye can be used to shade your pond. Portions of submerged large-diameter…
  • Bird-X Solar Yard Gard UltraSonic Predator Control


    (10 reviews)

    * Humane & Eco-Friendly Pest Deterrent * Motion-Activated Ultrasonic Predator Control * Water & Weather Resistant; Protects Up To 3000 sq. ft Humanely keep pesky pest animals out of your yard and koi ponds without poisons or traps. Built-in infrared motion detector activates when pests move…
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  • The Pond Guy® Premium Fine Mesh Pond Netting 1/8″ Mesh


    (32 reviews)

    * Protect Your Pond From Leaves & Debris * Keep Predators Out * Heavy Duty 1/8 Mesh Netting The Pond Guy® Fine Mesh Pond Netting is the ultimate in pond protection. This heavy duty 1/8 fine mesh pond netting protects your water garden from stubbornly small debris like pine needles while…
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    $29.99 - 89.99
  • The Pond Guy® Premium Protective Pond Netting 5/8″ Mesh


    (59 reviews)

    * Protect Your Pond From Leaves & Debris * Keep Predators Out * Flexible 5/8 Mesh Netting The Pond Guy® Premium Mesh Pond Netting will keep out probing beaks and annoying leaf debris out of your pond season after season. This netting for ponds consists of 5/8 mesh made from woven nylon for…
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    $9.99 - 59.99
  • DeWitt Economy Pond Netting 3/4 Mesh


    (11 reviews)

    * Protect Your Pond From Leaves & Debris * Keep Predators Out * 3/4 Mesh Netting Protect your water garden from predators leaves and debris with DeWitt Economy Pond Netting. Constructed with 3/4 black polypropylene mesh it prevents animals and debris from entering your pond without restricting…
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    $7.99 - 39.99
  • …keeping your pond net and pond in top shape every season: * Spring - Pond netting can be used in spring to help protect young plants from deer and rabbits. It will also deter herons raccoons or other predators from relying on your pond for meals. If a predator visits your pond a few times without…
  • Nycon Big Top Pond Covers


    (1 reviews)

    * Stop Predators From Getting To Your Fish * Pond Net Covers Provide Protection From Falling Debris * 1/4 Mesh Netting Allows For Maximum Visibility Nycon Big Top pond protectors keep even the smallest debris from entering your pond. With this premium polyester pond netting the 1/4 durable black…
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    $74.99 - 389.99
  • Laguna Floating Pond Ducklings


    (7 reviews)

    …rings allow you to anchor your floating pond ducks securely in place by tethering them to a weighted object using fishing line or string. Laguna Part#: PT-1020 (Individual) or PT-1021 (3-Pack). Dimensions: 5.5L x 2.75W x 2.5H. These plastic pond ducks are not intended to be used as predator control.
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    $2.99 - 7.99
  • …blood. Of the 700 different leech species the majority live in freshwater environments like your swimming pond. Leeches love to live in the debris at the bottom of your pond. In all that muck accumulation they get comfortable find food and hide from predators—also known as fish—swimming…
  • Atlantic® Pond & Garden Protector Net Kits


    (44 reviews)

    * Stop Predators From Eating Your Fish * Protect Pond From Falling Debris * 1/2 Mesh Netting Allows For Maximum Visibility Atlantic Pond & Water Garden Protector Net keeps leaves and other windblown debris out of your pond or water garden. This pond and water garden net cover makes an ideal instant…
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    $83.99 - 96.99
  • pond will not only bring you lots of fishing fun but it will also help keep algae weeds insects leeches and worms under control. Creating a Balance To properly balance your pond you should stock your pond with three prey fish like perch or bluegill for every predator fish such as bass. This pond