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Pond Pump Cover

  • The Pond Guy PumpBuddy Pre-Filter


    (30 Reviews)

    * Protects Your Pump From Large Debris * Securely Fits Around Pump * Easy to Install Use & Clean Protect your submersible pumps from large debris with The Pond Guy PumpBuddy Pre-Filter. Constructed with durable 1/8 mesh fabric and 1 filtration media the PumpBuddy filters out solid debris before…
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  • …area.Step 11: Add Plants & Fill Pond Place bog plants on the shallow plant shelf and lilies in the bottom of the pond. Don't worry if they aren't covering the pond's surface yet they'll grow quickly. As the pond is filling with water backfill around the skimmer and pond for additional support.Step…
    …on covering your pond in the fall months or consider a kit that includes a skimmer box. The Pond Guy RapidFlo Ecosystem Pond Kit A perfect option if you want to mask nearby noise with the sound of falling water over a large waterfall or stream. The RapidFlo Ecosystem Pond Kits feature pumps that…
  • Blue Thumb Elite Pond Kits

    pump. Simply remove the Natural Cover Lid to install or access your submersible pump. Skimmers have a recommended pond size and flow rate to ensure proper performance. The kits have been designed to ensure your pump and skimmer are properly matched. Elite Waterfall Filter Box • Biological Pond
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    $1394.99 - 3194.99
  • Aquascape Medium Pondless Waterfall Kit 16' Stream w/ 3-PL 3000 Pump

    Pump • Low Maintenance Solids-Handling Pump • Continuous-Duty Direct Drive Motor • Built-in Thermal Overload for Longevity Aquascape 3-PL continuous-duty direct drive motor and semi-vortex impeller is known for durability performance and value. The 3-PL solids-handling waterfall pump
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  • Installing a fish pond liner is a crucial first step to creating the pond of your dreams. But what size pond liner do you need? While sizing a liner may seem a bit intimidating at first it's actually easier than you'd think. In this guide we'll cover the type of pond liner material that works best…
    …of algae in their pond there are a variety of products both chemical and chemical-free that can help. In this guide we'll dive into more detail about the best pond algae removers to help keep your pond clean and clear. Most importantly we'll cover how to remove algae from your pond without harming…
  • Aquascape Basalt Columns Set of 3 Landscape Fountain Kit

    …large pump access cover prevents gravel from falling into the basin during pump maintenance. Fountain Pump • Ultra 2000 Water Fountain Pump • Adjustable Flow Rate with 25' Power Cord • Recirculates Water from Basin to Columns An extremely energy-efficient Ultra 2000 Fountain Pump is…
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  • Airmax 2 HP PondSeries Fountain Replacement Parts

    Get more out of your floating pond fountain by keeping your Airmax PondSeries Fountain in optimal condition. Need a replacement part? We got you covered you can find all of the parts your need for the 2 HP model here. View the diagram and list above.
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    $1.99 - 799.99
  • …This keeps the seals on the pump supple and stops them from drying out which can render the pump no longer waterproof. If water gets into the inner workings of the pump it can ruin the pump. This can be a costly lesson in pond maintenance. Lastly lowering your pond's water level will make it easier…
    …and crannies. Restart your pump after the product has time to work. * Change it Up - From time to time a partial water change may be needed to help your feature get back on track. Changing your water will quickly remove any excess nutrients or debris and give your pond a fresh start. Just remember…
    pump. * Waterfall Box: This will help you create a beautiful flowing look. Waterfall boxes are sized based on your maximum flow rate of your pump. If you are looking for some extra filtration consider using the ClearSpring Mini Waterfall Filter. This will provide biological filtration from a pond up…
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