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Pond Shells

  • Water Hyacinth Bundle of 3


    (102 Reviews)

    …as Blue Shell Flower) is easily the most popular and universally used floating water garden plant around. With its succulent leaves and bright purple petals the Water Hyacinth flower is great at competing with algae over excess pond nutrients creating a terrific spawning area for the pond fish. Plus…
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  • Farm Innovators Cord Connect


    (4 Reviews)

    * Protect Power Cord Connections * Durable Plastic Shell * Water Resistant Seal Keep your power connections protected from moisture with the Farm Innovators Cord Connect. Once connected to the plugs on your power connection both halves of the Cord Connect twist together to create a water resistant…
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  • …preform shell is inserted to hold the water. In-pond filtration systems are easy to install and can hold a few colorful fish and some aquatic plants. This pond type is where many customers begin before upgrading to a more custom pond design. EPDM Rubber Liner Also a Do It Yourself pond kit…
  • Keeton Solar Aerator Duraplate Replacement Diffuser

    …dissolved oxygen levels throughout the pond. Due to its design the Duraplate diffuser will not need to be removed for cleaning and it is backed by a lifetime warranty. The rotationally molded Duraplate diffuser shell is also fishhook resistant making it the ideal choice for fishing ponds and lakes.
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  • …Remove & Relocate If a snapping turtle is causing problems in your pond your best bet is to safely and humanely remove it. Grabbing its shell with your hands is a bad idea; it can easily stretch its neck back across its own shell to its hind feet and snap your fingers and it can scratch you with…
    …your pond. If they float don't worry; air occasionally gets trapped in the shell. As long as the trapdoor is still in place your snails are alive and the air will work its way out. Home Sweet Home Snails carry their home on their backs. If they feel threatened they can disappear into their shells.
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