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Pond Size In Gallons

  • The Pond Guy UltraUV Pond Clarifier


    (37 Reviews)

    * Clear Water All Season * Ideal for Ponds up to 5000 Gallons * Results in as Little as 48 Hours The Pond Guy UltraUV Pond Clarifier is the ideal choice for healthy ponds that suffer from poor water quality caused by full sun exposure. The UltraUV works by channeling water into the vortex chamber…
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    $129.99 - 249.99
  • …measured in gallons so you will then need to multiply cubic feet by 7.48 (the number of gallons in 1 cubic foot). If your water garden has multiple ponds or is irregularly shaped calculate the gallons for smaller sections of the pond and add those values together to obtain your total pond size. 2.…
    …material or large amounts of fish overwintering in the pond it may be necessary to have multiple holes in the ice as the gasses will build up quicker. Sizing Your De-Icer Which de-icer is best for your situation? It will depend on how many gallons your pond holds and if you're using it alone or with…
    …Each basin matrix holds 31.5 gallons adding valuable water volume without increasing the size of the basin. Don't forget to add a pump vault for easy access to your pump. Go with a Kit If you aren't trying to customize a large waterfall consider investing in a pond free waterfall kit. They contain…
    …allow 1-2 koi or 2-3 goldfish per 200 gallons of water.Problem: Debris Build-Up Solution: Leaves fish waste and other organic material accumulate in a pond. Cleaning your pond in the spring is a great step toward preventing algae blooms in ponds. Our spring pond care guide will help you through the…
  • The Pond Guy Pond Aerator


    (163 Reviews)

    ponds between 1000 and 6000 gallons. With the energy efficient diaphragm compressor paired with a low-maintenance non-stick PTFE Membrane diffuser stick your pond will receive the benefits of aeration. Choose between two aeration kit options based on your pond size and start aerating the water in
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    $169.99 - 307.98
  • …happy to help. The Pond Guy AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit If you are you looking for a smaller pond waterfall or stream then this system is the right one for you. These kits will build ponds 700-2000 gallons. The AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit is designed with maximum filtration in mind. This kit…
  • Blue Thumb Elite Pond Kits

    …Koi Pond Kits up to 6150 Gallons * Includes Pond Supplies for Easy Installation * Pond Equipment Selected for Low Maintenance Transform your backyard instantly by installing a beautiful water garden! These comprehensive backyard pond kits are available in five sizes ranging from 550 to 6150 gallons.
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    $1394.99 - 3194.99
  • Aquascape Patio Pond Kits Square

    …Container Pond • Textured Gray Slate Color • Realistic Earthenware Finish • Sturdy Square Base Holds up to 45 Gallons The square textured gray slate mini pond is available in three sizes: 22 holds 15 gallons 27 holds 27 gallons and 32 holds up to 45 gallons. Setting up the mini pond
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    $299.99 - 489.99
  • MinnFinn Biodegradable Pond Treatment


    (1 Reviews)

    ponds. One liter treats up to 2240 gallons of water when treating goldfish or koi. This natural biodegradable pond treatment that will help your fish heal from a broad spectrum of health issues including parasites external fungal and bacterial infections and many more. If your entire pond is overrun…
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  • The Pond Guy Defoam


    (35 Reviews)

    * Rids Pond of Unsightly Foam * Fast Acting Liquid Formula * Safe For Fish Plants & Wildlife The Pond Guy Defoam is for use in all size ponds. This natural defoamer gets rid of unsightly foam in seconds leaving water naturally beautiful. Note: Persistent foaming indicates a high level of…
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    $12.99 - 59.99
  • …your pond healthy. Here are some gadgets that are handy to have in your pond toolbox. Sprayer A sprayer is an easy way to apply liquid treatments. Some treatments such as contact chemicals are only effective when they are sprayed directly on the weed. The Pond Sprayer holds 3 gallons of treatment…
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