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  • Turbo Chute Extreme 60' Lake Package

    * 60' Extreme Slip n' Slide * Skim Across Ponds & Lakes * Ideal For Racing Against Friends RAVE Sports Turbo Chute Extreme 60' Lake Package is not your typical backyard slip n' slide. The 60' Long slide is a a commercial strength slide that features PVC coated nylon inflatable wall barriers an…
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  • RAVE Sports Aqua Launch

    …Constructed with anti-mold/mildew and UV treated reinforced PVC this inflatable is made to last. Color options include: Yellow/Blue or Northwoods Green/Tan. Looking for more fun? Connect the 15' or 20' diameter Aqua Jump Eclipse or the Bongo Bouncer to create a water park in your own pond or lake.
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    $579.99 - 669.99
  • RAVE Sports Slidewalk

    * Connects To RAVE's Trampolines & Bouncers * Complete Your Water Park * Large Slip n' Slide Connect your Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline or Bongo Water Bouncer with the Slidewalk by RAVE Sports to complete your water park experience! The Slidewalk can be used to connect two or more water…
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  • RAVE Sports Anchor Connector Kit

    …Marks Anchor Locations * Safely & Effectively Secures Anchors The RAVE Sports Anchor Connector provides easy set up of your recreation water toys year after year. The simple three-part system reliably holds your inflatable in place and permanently marks the anchor location allowing you to easily…
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  • RAVE Sports Walk The Plank

    * Water Trampoline & Bouncer Attachment * Balance Beam With a 6' Drop * Inflatable Water Sport Toy Add fun and excitement to your waterfront property this summer by attaching Walk The Plank to the Aqua Jump Eclipse (model 150 or 200) or the Bongo Bouncer (model 15 or 20). RAVE Sports Walk the…
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  • RAVE Sports Spin Wheel with Bongo 13

    …track that can hold up to 15 users at once. Great for playing water games that will test your speed and balance while creating summer memories. Designed with commercial grade anti-mold/mildew non-slip drop-stitch material this recreational water toy is made to last. Lifetime limited warranty.
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  • RAVE Sports High Speed Inflator/Deflator


    (2 Reviews)

    …Includes Five Adaptors The RAVE Sports High Speed Inflator/Deflator is the most recommended product for inflating a wide range of recreation water toys. The High Speed Inflator/Deflator features a heavy-duty reinforced hose rapid inflation 36 long hose 4 standard adaptors 1 Halkey Roberts adaptor…
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  • Turbo Chute Water Slide Lake Package

    …Summer * Ideal for Ponds & Lakes On Hills * 40' & 60' Slide Packages Enjoy the ride as you shoot down this RAVE Turbo Chute water slide skim across and splash into your pond or lake this summer! RAVE Sports Turbo Chute is made from reinforced commercial grade material the pond and lake water…
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    $1699.99 - 2299.99
  • RAVE Sports Bongo Bouncer


    (2 Reviews)

    …Portable Water Bounce Platform * Perfect Substitute For Any Swim Dock * No Springs For Increased Safety & Fun Bounce tumble and splash into your pond or lake this summer from the RAVE Sports Bongo Bouncer! This light weight durable and portable platform is made from durable commercial-grade…
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    $999.99 - 2699.99
  • RAVE Sports Aqua Slide

    * Connects To RAVE's Trampolines & Bouncers * Quality Materials Made To Last * Slide & Into Your Pond Or Lake The Aqua Slide delivers a rip-roarin' descent to make a huge splash. RAVE Sports Aqua Slide attaches anywhere on the Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline and the Bongo Bouncer by…
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    $499.99 - 749.99
  • Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Park

    * Great For Ponds & Lakes * Up To 20' Of Jumping Fun * Includes Trampoline Launch & Log Enjoy your waterfront property this summer with your own floating inflatable water park. Made with commercial grade reinforced construction. RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Park includes either the…
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    $3899.99 - 5399.99
  • RAVE Sports Aqua Beam

    * Connects To RAVE's Activity Island * Balance Beam on the Water * UV Treated Anti-Mold and Mildew Inflatable RAVE Sports Aqua Beam lets you practice your balance on the water! This inflatable attachment connects to RAVE Sport's Activity Island and is made for a minimum depth of 4'. Features…
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    $499.99 - 589.99
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