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Pond Water Conditioner

  • The Pond Guy® pH Stabilizers


    (15 reviews)

    * Balance Pond pH Without The Guesswork * Helps Maintain Fish Health * Safe For Fish Plants & Wildlife Keeping pond pH levels between 6.5 and 8.0 is important for plants and Koi to thrive. For water with high pH use 1 oz scoop of pH Drop™ per 1000 gallons to bring pH down to safer level.…
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  • The Pond Guy® Chlorine Remover


    (8 reviews)

    …that is preset in water supplies. Chlorine is toxic to fish. Left untreated chlorine can cause gill damage and leave fish unable to breathe. Protect fish from gill damage by adding The Pond Guy® Chlorine Remover after water changes or when refilling evaporated water. The pond chlorine remover is…
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    $9.99 - 24.99
  • CrystalClear® Vanish™ Plus


    (3 reviews)

    …New Ponds or Adding New Fish * Adds a Protective Slime Coat to Fish CrystalClear® Vanish™ Plus is great to use after any water change or pond clean outs. CrystalClear® Vanish™ Plus protects fish by removing chlorine chloramines heavy metals and ammonia from water supplies.…
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    $6.99 - 63.99
  • Laguna Phos-X Phosphate Remover


    (6 reviews)

    …Your pond water will gradually become safe and crystal clear as the Phos-X removes toxins creating the ideal living environment for fish and plants. The packs are easy to use and reduces hands-on pond maintenance. Simply place one of more packs into the pond filter. Laguna Phos-X pond phosphate…
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    $24.99 - 49.99
  • Aquascape® Protect Water Treatment 32 fl oz Refill for Automatic Dosing System for Ponds

    …of superficial wounds scrapes and breeding abrasions. Use this pond water treatment with Aquascape Automatic Dosing System for Ponds to gradually dispense a small amount to the pond daily during times of stress. Perfect for seasonal changes pond cleanout water changes and after handling fish.
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  • CrystalClear® Polish AC™


    (9 reviews)

    …carbon giving it powerful absorbing powers. The activated carbon for ponds acts like a sponge soaking in many pond pollutants such as tannins ammonia nitrite and nitrate. Turning even tea colored water into a polished healthy pond environment. One mesh application bag is included with the activated…
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    $39.99 - 107.99
  • The Pond Guy® Defoam™


    (29 reviews)

    …increase water quality a partial water change may be needed. It is recommended to partially drain and refill the pond at least twice a year treating with an initial dose of the pond foam remover each time. You can also try the The Pond Guy DefensePAC®. The DefensePAC is a comprehensive pond care…
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    $12.99 - 59.99
  • …finish the pond's edge.Step 15: Add Water Treatment & Review Owner's Manual Once your pond is filled start up your waterfall and add water treatments such as water conditioner and natural bacteria to get the pond ready for koi fish.Enjoy! That's it! Now you know how to build a pond. Remember that…
    …your pond to shallower areas. This will give your hibernating fish a warmer place to hunker down when the water temperatures get especially chilly. Supercooling could become an issue if you are vigorously aerating in the deepest parts of the pond mixing the cold surface water's with the warmer water
    …you to clean your pond without waiting for the water to discharge though time consuming discharge cycles. Since muck is full of nutrients the discharge water will also make an excellent fertilizer for your garden. When refilling your pond don't forget to add water conditioner to remove any heavy…
    …hit the water multiplying every 20 to 40 minutes and digesting dead organics in the water. The result: crystal clear water and happy fish. * Condition the Water: A stress reducer like The Pond Guy Stress Reducer Plus will help your fish enjoy their indoor stay too. The water conditioner fortifies…
  • Quick Roof™ UltraBond SeamPrime


    (2 reviews)

    Quick Roof™ UltraBond SeamPrime is a primer/surface conditioner and adhesive enhancer for self adhering cover seam tapes and self-adhering membranes and underlayments. Cold weather and less than ideal surface conditions can inhibit the adhesion of self-adhesive tapes and membranes. SeamPrime…
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