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  • CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits


    (203 Reviews)

    …24−7 Use * Optional Rock Cover Protects Compressor CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits are ideal for decorative ponds and water gardens up to 2000 gallons. Powered by highly efficient diaphragm compressors CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits infuse your pond with valuable oxygen while remaining…
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    $54.99 - 129.98
  • …you have gathered your pond information let's take a look at what options are available to choose from. * CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kit: Available in two sizes the PondAir Aeration Kits are an excellent option for ponds up to 2000 gallons and less than 2' deep. These systems feature 2 or 4 air…
    …pond odor. Second - and very importantly - a well-aerated pond is a lousy place for mosquito larvae. That's why so many of our customers turn to PondAir and KoiAir Aeration Kits. For pondkeepers who prefer a more dramatic display of mosquito-beating aeration we recommend our ClearSolution G2 Filter…
    …not a limiting resource. This population explosion depletes the dissolved oxygen levels in the pond. Introducing an aeration kit the CrystalClear PondAir or KoiAir Aeration Kits will infuse oxygen into the pond and circulate the water column. Adding aeration will not only make a great addition for…
    …the pond especially the bottom untouched allowing for the accumulation of organic debris. Using a properly sized aerator like the CrystalClear PondAir or KoiAir Aeration Kits starts moving the water at the bottom of the pond allowing for improved circulation and dissolved oxygen levels. * Beneficial…
    …pond and fish health. Waterfalls and fountain sprays alone cannot produce enough oxygen but aeration kits like the The Pond Guy Pond Aerator or PondAir will do the trick. Subsurface aeration works from the bottom up circulating water and increasing dissolved oxygen levels. When the sun goes down…
    …potential. Combine a De-Icer and Aeration Kit Water gardens in colder climates may need a little extra. For these pond owners the CrystalClear PondAir & Thermo-Pond 3.0 De-Icer Combos are the perfect option. Using a de-icer and aeration kit together will ensure that a hole is kept open water…
    …on an extension cord as that will cause loss of voltage and possible premature failure as well. Extra Protection Using an aeration kit like the PondAir in combination with a de-icer will not only help keep a hole at the surface but will also add oxygen and circulate the water to help push the toxic…
    …* Aeration System: Just as you aerate your water garden you'll need to aerate your holding tank. An energy-efficient aeration kit like the PondAir Aeration Kits are great for indoor tanks. * Filter: It is important to also filter the water in your indoor tank to keep fish waste under control.…
  • CrystalClear PondAir & Thermo-Pond 3.0 De-Icer Combos


    (11 Reviews)

    …compressors PondAir Aeration Kits infuse your pond with valuable oxygen while remaining whisper-quiet and cost-effective. An airflow control valve on the top of the PondAir lets you adjust the aeration output to your pond with the simple turn of a dial. Every CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kit…
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    $104.98 - 178.97
  • CrystalClear PondAir Diaphragm Compressor Maintenance Kits


    (58 Reviews)

    Overtime the diaphragms in your Airmax or CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kit will wear out or fail leaving you with a running aerator that produces no air. Replacing your worn or damaged diaphragms will restore air output and keep your aeration system running like new. We recommend installing an air…
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    $7.99 - 14.99
  • CrystalClear PondAir Check Valves - 2 Pack


    (11 Reviews)

    …it is important that the check valve is installed with your aeration stone on the out end and the aeration source on the in end. The CrystalClear PondAir Check Valves for sale are a replacement for the CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits but have been designed to fit many water garden aeration units.
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