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Pondovac 4 Float

  • The Pond Guy ClearVac Vacuum Distributor Assembly


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    The Vacuum Distributor Assembly is a replacement part for The Pond Guy ClearVac Pond Vacuum. The part contains the floats and lever that allows the vacuum to cycle water between the two chambers.
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  • The Pond Guy ClearVac Seal Replacement Kit


    (8 Reviews)

    …Guy ClearVac Pond Vacuum. The kit includes: screws washers and flaps for the intake distributer and discharge drain opening. Four O-Rings are also included for the reservoir/base; float housing; intake distributor and discharge outlet adapter. Replace as needed or when they become dry or damaged.
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  • …from drying and cracking during storage. Store pumps in-pond filters and UV clarifiers in a location that will not freeze like your basement. Step 4 - Trim Back Aquatic Plants As winter approaches plants will naturally fall into a dormant state. To winterize hardy plants use your pruning tools to…
    …water or if the water has green particles in it you most likely have algae. Planktonic algae – the source of algae blooms – are floating microscopic plants that color pond water green blue-green brown or variations in between. Your jar is telling you to treat for algae. Tea-Colored…
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