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Pondshelter Cover Net

  • The Pond Guy PondShelter Cover Net 11' x 16'


    (76 Reviews)

    …Mesh Netting Allows For Maximum Visibility Protect your pond from troublesome leaves debris and predators with The Pond Guy PondShelter Cover Net. Designed to be fully adjustable the PondShelter garden pond netting will provide a snug fit in even the most difficult landscape. For pond netting to…
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  • The Pond Guy PondShelter Replacement Leg Assembly


    (1 Reviews)

    Replacement leg assembly for The Pond Guy PondShelter. This aluminum frame is made of the center-hub to adjust net pitch and discourage debris accumulation and each of the 4 legs can be extended between 4' - 10' and locked-to-length to cover ponds between 4' x 6' - 11' x 16'.
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  • …from getting crushed should the netting become weighted down. * PondShelter Net Kit 16' x 11' – The four fully adjustable aluminum legs of this net kit allow it to cover anywhere between 4' x 6' to 16' x 11'. The PondShelter Net's ¼ mesh netting keeps the leaves out and your aquatic…
    …motion-activated sprinklers like the Motion Activated Scarecrow; decoys like the Great Blue Heron Decoy or 3-D Coyote Decoy; pond netting like the The Pond Guy PondShelter Cover Net; or reflective tape hanging from trees. Having 40-60% surface coverage of aquatic plants such as water lilies water…
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