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Pound Rake

    …12 inches and 62 inches wide and weighs 9 pounds. All Weed Razer models come with a 25-foot rope so you can easily toss it into the affected area and pull it back. Pond Rakes After cutting the weeds a rake will make removing the weeds a cinch. A pond rake pulls gathers and removes dead debris from…
    …Read on to learn how to identify them and how to prevent these troublemakers from damaging your pond. Identifying a Muskrat Weighing only 2 to 4 pounds and measuring 22 to 25 inches (including its nearly hairless scaly tail that it uses to propel through the water) the muskrat is covered in short…
    …inches: Suitable for ice fishing cross-country skiing and walking (about 200 pounds). * 5 inches: Safe for a snowmobile or ATV (about 800 pounds). * 8 to 12 inches: OK for a car or group of people (about 1500 to 2000 pounds). * 12 to 15 inches: Suitable for a light pickup truck or a van. Despite all…
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