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  • Power House 24 Hour Timers

    …Warranty Power House provides great timer functions to Power House fountains aerators and outdoor lighting. Power House carries two outdoor mechanical timers with direct 24-hour control that have proved to stand the test of time. Now you can decide when and how long you want to power your unit…
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    $85.00 - 225.00
  • Power House Replacement Power Cords


    (8 Reviews)

    …with Potted Quick Disconnect Power House Replacement Power Cords are made to fit all Power House F-Series Aeration Equipment Ice Eaters and Lighting. Ideal for replacing damaged cords and to shorten or lengthen your power span. These underwater rated 3-wire cable power cords include potted quick…
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    $80.00 - 600.00
  • Power House Float Cage


    (2 Reviews)

    …fit the following Power House Units: - Power House Surface Aerator Model F250. Large Float Cage fits 12-inch shrouds and will fit the following Power House Units: - Power House Surface Aerator Model F500 - Power House Dual Propeller Surface Aerator Model F750DP and F1000DP - Power House F-Series…
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    $125.00 - 130.00
  • Power House Replacement Propellers

    …affect the power usage and performance for your Power House units. Keep your equipment running smoothly with the Power House Replacement Propellers or dual propeller metal shaft. Each blade is constructed of molded nylon and glass materials in a geometric shape to deliver maximum thrust and power.
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    $27.50 - 140.00
  • Power House Thermostat


    (1 Reviews)

    power cord ready for in-line use. Just plug into the wall socket and then plug Ice Eater into the back of the plug and set the temperature. The 230V model is for hard wiring only. It comes standard with a 6' pigtail lead (bare lead) for the power source and a 1' pigtail lead for the Ice Eater power
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  • Power House Replacement Float

    …Cell Foam Filling * Black UV Resistant Plastic Power House Replacement Float is a two-piece float with closed-cell foam filling surrounded by black UV resistant high-density thermoplastic. Select from round or square floats for your existing Power House unit. The Round Float is a replacement for…
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    $240.00 - 350.00
  • Power House Mooring Lines

    …or dock ice eater from shifting out of a desired position with Power House Mooring Lines. Each set includes (2) 25' or (2) 50' long 3/8 thick hollow braided polypropylene lines. The mooring lines can be fastened to large cinder blocks or post and the shackles found on any Power House floating motor.
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    $20.00 - 30.00
  • Power House PVC Motor Brackets

    * Replacement PVC Brackets * For Power House Oil−Filled Motors * Set of 4 Available in Small or Large Replacement Power House PVC Motor Brackets are sold in a set of 4 and can be used for all water types. These PVC brackets can be installed on Power House oil-filled Ice Eater and Aerator…
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  • Power House Aerator Shroud Extension

    …of an Aerator Shroud* Pulls Water From Deeper Depths The Power House Surface Aerator Shroud Extension is a PVC down tube attachment (Float Sold Separately) that elongates the bottom of your aerator shroud. The additional length allows Power House Surface Aerators to pull water from deeper depths for…
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  • Power House Saltwater Electrolysis Kit

    * Fits All Power House Ice Eaters * Protects Motor Against Electrolysis * Recommended for Extreme Saltwater Conditions The Power House Saltwater Electrolysis Kit protects Power House Ice Eater motors from deterioration and corrosion against electrolysis. This secondary anode is a must have when…
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  • Sequence Power 1000 Pump Series


    (2 Reviews)

    …Centrifugal Pond Pumps * High Demand Performance 5-Year Warranty Sequence Power 1000 Pump Series is an investment in the future. Sequence is the leader in high efficiency external pumps for water features and koi ponds. The Power 1000 Pump Series can handle an abundant flow and pressure for any…
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    $983.00 - 1145.59
  • Power House Aerator Replacement Shroud

    * Protects Power House Impellers & Motors * Extends the Life of Aerators & Fountains * Unique Design Directs Waterflow for Added Oxygen Power House Replacement Aerator Shrouds are made from durable PVC and are designed to pull water through its unique flair. As the water is drawn from the…
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    $80.00 - 150.00
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