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Predator Control

  • The Pond Guy® Blue Heron Decoy


    (67 reviews)

    * Protect Your Fish From Predators * Life-like Heron Also Makes Great Decor * Durable Construction For Years Of Use Herons are very territorial birds; when the decoy is placed near a pond, other herons will avoid conflict and find a different feeding spot! The Pond Guy® Blue Heron Decoy deters…
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  • The Pond Guy® GatorDefender™


    (8 reviews)

    * Deter Geese & Waterfowl * Moves & Bobs With The Wind * Eyes Flicker In The Light The Pond Guy® GatorDefender™ is a realistic floating alligator head decoy that will effectively keep away geese and other pesky waterfowl. Its life-like eyes will flash in the light, as it moves in the…
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  • Bird-X Gator Guard Decoy


    (4 reviews)

    * Deter Pest Birds, Including Geese * Moves & Bobs With The Wind * Great Predator Decoy For Ponds & Water Gardens The Bird-X Gator Guard Decoy is a realistic alligator head decoy that will effectively keep away geese and other pesky waterfowl. Its life-like eyes will flash in the light, as…
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  • Heron Stop Spinner

    * Protect Your Fish From Herons * Scares Birds With Spinner Action * Features A Bird Of Prey Eye Protect your koi fish from predators while adding a visually appealing piece of art to your pond. The Heron Stop Spinner effectively scares away herons and different objectionable birds from your pond,…
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  • Bird-X Solar Yard Gard UltraSonic Predator Control

    * Humane & Eco-Friendly Pest Deterrent * Motion-Activated Ultrasonic Predator Control* Water & Weather Resistant; Protects Up To 3,000 sq. ft Humanely keep pesky animals and birds out of your yard and koi ponds without poisons or traps. Built-in infrared motion detector activates when pests…
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  • Bird Blocker Flag Set

    * Protect Fish & Plants * Create Reflection & Movement * Includes 3 Bird-Repelling Flags Give herons the feeling that they are being watched with the Bird Blocker Flags. Place the flags around your garden or pond to create movement. The bird of prey eye and reflective material will make your…
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  • Heron Stop Reflector

    * Keep Herons At A Distance * Provides Constant Reflection * Features Bird Of Prey Eyes The growing heron population is a problem for pond lovers. Fish are the main feed of blue herons. The Heron Stop Reflector can bring relief to your fish. Featuring the holographic bird of prey eye and the 6"…
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  • Tomahawk Live Fish Trap


    (3 reviews)

    * Trap Muskrats, Fish or Turtles * Great for Population Control * Humanely Trap Unwanted Guests Tomahawk Live Fish Traps are great for sampling or removing bait and game fish from over populated ponds and lakes. This rigid extra-large fish trap allows multiple fish to enter, but they cannot get out.…
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  • Tomahawk Live Muskrat Trap

    * Humanely Trap Unwanted Muskrats * Galvanized Steel, 1" x 1" Wire Mesh * Live Trap With 2 Trap Doors Tomahawk Live Muskrat Traps are ideal for trapping nuisance muskrats that chew pond equipment power cords or dig tunnels and holes by the pond. Made in the U.S.A. with heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized…
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  • Pond King® Floating Turtle Trap

    * Protects Bluegill & Bass Spawning Beds * Holds Up To 50 Adult Turtles * 1 Trap For Every 4-5 Acres The Pond King® Floating Turtle Trap deal for relocating turtles from an overpopulated pond or lake. Works on a variety of turtles including the red eared slider that may wreak havoc on…
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  • Heron Stop


    (3 reviews)

    * Stop Herons In Their Tracks * Protect Up To 40' of Shoreline * Prevent Herons From Approaching Your Pond The Heron Stop is very easy to install and prevents herons from approaching your pond. The Heron Stop creates an impassable barrier that deters herons from getting too close and preying on your…
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  • Nycon Koi Kastle Fish Shelters


    (11 reviews)

    * Provide Hiding Places For Fish * Keep Fish Safe From Predators * Multiple Sizes To Fit Your Pond Tired of blue herons and other pond predators snacking on your fish? The Nycon Koi Kastle Fish Shelter is the perfect solution for ponders looking to provide refuge for their koi and other pond fish.…
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    $9.99 - 49.99