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Preventing Mosquitos

  • Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting Downspout Filter

    …into an optional water storage reservoir or away from your foundation to prevent flooding. Small percolation holes at the bottom of the filter allow the remaining water to slowly percolate out of the downspout filter preventing stagnant mosquito-harboring water accumulating in the filter between…
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  • Summit Mosquito Bits & Dunks


    (20 Reviews)

    …After using Mosquito Bits follow-up with Mosquito Dunks or continue to spread Bits bi-weekly. Mosquito Bits & Dunks are EPA registered in all 50 states to kill mosquito lave. Both are safe and easy to use in water gardens pond troughs or wherever standing water is present. To prevent stagnant…
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  • …agitating water so this preventive measure can tremendously cut down on mosquito population.* How to Kill Mosquitoes in Water: If these natural methods aren't effective enough use Mosquito Dunks or Mosquito Bits work great as a temporary mosquito killer for ponds. These mosquito destroyers contain…

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