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  • Atlantic Mag Drive MD-Series Pumps


    (2 Reviews)

    * Accepts a Wide Array of Tubing Sizes * Removable Pre−Filter * Oversized Inlet & Outlet for Greater Flow Atlantic TidalWave Magnetic Induction Pumps are the perfect choice for small water features with low head heights. Hefty and heavy-duty equipped with a removable pre-filter oversize…
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    $86.99 - 232.99
  • Blue Thumb Clear Water Pumps


    (13 Reviews)

    * Designed For Continuous Use * Multiple Sizes For Many Pond Applications * Ideal For Medium Waterfalls Blue Thumbs line of Clear Water pumps are a great choice for creating waterfalls and streams in pre-filtered water feature applications. An oil-free water-cooled design makes this submersible pump…
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    $197.99 - 314.99
  • Supreme Hy-Drive Pumps


    (5 Reviews)

    * Designed For Continuous Operation * Great For Waterfalls and Fountains * Sizes For Any Pond Application The Supreme HY-Drive Asynchronous Pumps are versatile and may be used vertically or horizontally. This pump is powerful and efficient. Supreme HY-Drive are designed for extremely low energy use…
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    $199.99 - 314.99
  • Aquascape Statuary Water Feature Pumps


    (No Reviews)

    * Customize Water Flow to Desired Rate* Oil−Free Design Prevent Contamination* Easy to Maintain and Install* 3−Year Limited Warranty Aquascape Statuary Water Pumps can be used as a tabletop fountain ornamental spitter and statuary submersible pump. These energy-efficient…
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    $24.99 - 44.98
  • Atlantic TidalWave L-Series Pumps

    * Low Head Waterfall Pump * Cast Iron Vortex Impeller * Ideal For High Volume Applications Atlantic TidalWave L-Series Pumps are manufactured from cast-iron and stainless steel with precision motors and thermal overload protection. These Atlantic axial flow pumps are designed to deliver high volumes…
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    $1396.99 - 1529.99
  • Atlantic TidalWave PAF-Series Pumps


    (1 Reviews)

    * Stainless Steel & Composite Construction * Energy Efficient & Corrosion Resistant * Fiber Reinforced Vortex Impeller Lightweight energy efficient and corrosion resistant Atlantic TidalWave PAF-Series Direct Drive Pumps are now even more versatile with a removable intake screen for…
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    $411.99 - 662.99
  • Atlantic TidalWave A-Series Pumps


    (9 Reviews)

    * High Head Pressure Pump * Cast Iron Vortex Impeller * Pond Waterfall Pump is Ideal For High Volume Applications Atlantic TidalWave A-Series pumps are efficiently engineered for high-head and high-volume ponds. These water feature pumps have a rugged housing and a cast iron vortex impeller.…
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    $528.99 - 874.99
  • Atlantic Pump Vault


    (2 Reviews)

    * Designed for Pondless Water Features * Heavy−Duty Construction * Protects Your Pump The Atlantic Pump Vault is designed to protect your pump when used with a pondless water feature. Atlantic's heavy-duty one-piece rotomolded Pump Vaults offer all the strength and versatility you need for…
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    $203.99 - 425.99
  • Atlantic TidalWave Solid Handling SH-Series Pumps


    (7 Reviews)

    * Non−Corrosive Composite Housing * Handles Solids up to 1¼ Inch * Oil−Free Design with Vortex Impeller Atlantic TidalWave Solid Handling SH-Series Pumps are one of the most dependable energy efficient composite direct drive units available. With true solids handling capacities of…
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    $245.99 - 606.99
  • Blue Thumb IllumiFlow Pumps


    (6 Reviews)

    * Hybrid Direct & Magnetic Drive Pump * Thermal Overload Protection * Aerates & Oxygenates Water Blue Thumb IllumiFlow Pumps are a hybrid direct drive/magnetic drive pump. Meaning they offer the flow rates of direct drive pumps with the low energy costs of magnetic drive pumps. IllumiFlow…
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    $197.99 - 440.99
  • Oase Waterfall Pump


    (19 Reviews)

    * Elegant Design Clever Operation * Ideal for Waterfalls or Elaborate Streams * Compact Design Great for Skimmers Perfect for a simple trickling waterfall or elaborate stream the Oase Waterfall Pumps are designed to handle debris up to 1/4 and to clean premium ceramic shafts and bearings for maximum…
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    $182.99 - 529.99
  • Sequence 1000 Pump Series


    (2 Reviews)

    * Delivers Flow up to 6100 GPH with Only 366 Watts of Power * 1−1/2 FTP Inlet & 1−1/2 FTP Discharge * Ideal External Pump for Water Gardens Sequence 1000 Pump Series offers medium pressure and ample flow rates for the majority of water garden ponds. This ultra-efficient external…
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    $634.00 - 735.33
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