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Pump Attachments

  • Aquascape Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Spitter

    …is molded out of a sturdy poly-resin material that easily fits into most budgets. Attach a 1/2 hose to the back and the lazy frog will spit water out of his mouth when connected to a fountain or spitter pump. The Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Spitter creates a peaceful focal point with a touch of whimsy…
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  • Aquascape AquaSurge Pond Pumps


    (13 Reviews)

    …Looking to maximize the amount of usable water in your pondless water feature? Add the AquaSurge Low Suction Intake Attachment. Need help selecting a pump? Click here to get in touch with one of our experieced techs they will help you select the right pump for your needs and plan your installation.
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    $295.98 - 423.98
  • AquaSurge Low Suction Intake Attachment

    …AquaSurge Pumps * Prevents Damage in Shallow Applications Aquascape AquaSurge Low Suction Intake Attachment maximizes the amount of water in water features and prevents pump damage. A threaded union fitting easily connects directly to the intake of AquaSurge pumps. This attachment allows pumps to…
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  • Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II 2-Inch Union (MPTxSlip)

    …part for the Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter. This 2-inch PVC Union (MPT X Slip) attaches to the valve at the top of the pressurized filter. Once unions have been attached glue pipe from pressure side of the pump to slip fitted side of union leading to valve port marked PUMP. (MPN A50185).
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  • Aquascape Backyard Waterfall Landscape Fountain Kit

    pump will not corrode or rust and fits perfectly in the AquaBasin 45. Low Suction Intake Attachment • Maximizes Available Water Capacity • Union Fitting Threads onto AquaSurge Intake • Allows Pump to Operate in Shallow Water The Aquascape Low Suction Intake Attachment allows the pump
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  • …area. Place your pump in the pond and attach the drain hose. Fill your holding tank with water from your pond. Make sure to fill just enough to keep your fish comfortable in their temporary tank. As you pump water out of your pond larger fish will usually stay from the pump on their own but if…
  • RAVE Sports Water Whoosh


    (1 Reviews)

    …but you can connect them together to create an endless track. The 20' can also be used as an attachment to the Aqua Jump or Bongo. The inflatable water mat is 5' wide and includes a double action hand pump to quickly and easily inflate the unit fold up compact for portability and storage. Limited…
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    $699.99 - 1099.99
  • …about 1 above water level.Step 4: Install Skimmer & Pump Tamp and level the soil then place the skimmer. Push the tubing through the grommet and into the skimmer. Assemble the check valve assembly on the pump and place it in the skimmer. Attach your check valve to the flexible tubing. Lastly connect…
    …your plumbing to your pump or other equipment. Fitting Options to Fit your Needs With so many different options to choose from you are sure to find what you need to plumb your feature. To help with your shopping fittings are labeled according to which types of attachments are on the end (e.g. Slip…
    Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your backyard pond clean. Keeping up with doses of beneficial bacteria checking your pump's impeller for debris and changing your UV bulb on a regular basis are only part of the upkeep. Removing debris floating in the water such as leaves and uneaten fish…
    …of tubing pairing nicely with most pumps used for water gardens. Flexible Kink Free Tubing is available in 3/4 to 1-1/2 and has similar sturdiness as Flexible PVC. Tubing is connected using barbed or insert fittings such as the Insert Coupler and is attached the fittings using Stainless Hose Clamps.…
    …Gear Place your waterfall box so that it is level side to side but tipped about 1 forward. Next layout the tubing and attach the fittings. If you are using a skimmer box or pump canyon you will want to stabilize those at this time. Step 4 – Line it Up Lay the underlayment across the stream…

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