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Pump Canyon

  • Blue Thumb Elite Pump Canyons


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    …vanishing waterfalls endless waterfalls or endless streams using a Blue Thumb Pump Canyon. The Pump Canyon protects your pump from crushing forces of rocks and water with a structurally tough housing. Blue Thumb Pump Canyons are constructed in one piece to increase strength and withstand pressure.
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    $116.99 - 359.99
  • Atlantic Pump Vault


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    Pump The Atlantic Pump Vault is designed to protect your pump when used with a pondless water feature. Atlantic's heavy-duty one-piece rotomolded Pump Vaults offer all the strength and versatility you need for your Pond-free projects. Liberal volumes and copious flow capacities handle multiple pump
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    $223.99 - 455.99
  • …so that it is level side to side but tipped about 1 forward. Next layout the tubing and attach the fittings. If you are using a skimmer box or pump canyon you will want to stabilize those at this time. Step 4 – Line it Up Lay the underlayment across the stream and work it into all the corners…
  • Atlantic Pump Vault Extension

    * Extends Height of Atlantic Pump Vaults * Limitless Plumbing Options * Flat Panels & Multiple Cut Lines Atlantic Pump Vault Extensions offer the strength and versatility needed for pond-free projects. With the same height as Atlantic Eco-Blox Basin Matrix open the way for deeper basins larger…
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    $178.99 - 208.99
  • Blue Thumb Elite Pump Canyon Extension

    …Deeper Waterfall Basins * Designed For The Elite Pump Canyon * Easy Sizing Reference Increase the depth of your pondless waterfall basin with the Elite Pump Canyon Extension. Designed to connect directly to the Elite Pump Canyon these Pump Canyon Extensions allow you to create basins up to 42 deep.…
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    $84.99 - 224.99
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