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Pump Decorative Fountain

  • Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Utility Pump 190


    (5 Reviews)

    …pond. The compact design of this pond spitter pump provides up to 190 GPH through a maximum of 7 feet of head pressure and can be placed in limited spaces making it the perfect pump for statuary fountains ponds and decorative spitters. Use with the The Pond Guy Pump Buddy to reduce maintenance time.
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  • The Pond Guy MagFlo 290 High Efficiency Pump


    (66 Reviews)

    …Relaxing Splash * Small Submersible Fountain Pump * 1' Fountain Spray Pattern for Small Spaces The Pond Guy MagFlo 290 GPH Pump is ideal for operating small decorative water features pond spitters and patio water gardens. This high-efficiency magnetic drive pump consumes only 17 watts of power while…
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  • The Pond Guy MagFlo Pumps


    (66 Reviews)

    …Compact Multi−Purpose Pump * Water Feature Pump is Ideal For Decorative Ponds The Pond Guy MagFlo High Efficiency Pumps are ideal for virtually any decorative pond project. A range of sizes for operating everything from small water features to larger combined fountain and waterfall displays.…
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    $59.99 - 199.99
  • The Pond Guy MagFlo Mini 210


    (66 Reviews)

    …Multi−Purpose Pump For Small Water Features * Keep In Place With Included Suction Mounts The Pond Guy MagFlo Mini 210 Pump is perfect for small water features and decorative spitters. Powered by an efficient and long lasting electric motor this magnetically driven pump will pump up to 210…
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  • Oase Neptun Waterfall Pump

    * Inline & Submersible Pump for waterfalls & Large Fountains * Very Quiet Energy−Efficient Operation with Frost Protection * Adjustable Flow Control to Fine Tune Pumping Rate & Height The Oase Neptun Waterfall Pump is ideal for large decorative fountains and waterfalls that demand…
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    $332.99 - 452.99
  • Tsurumi Water Feature Pump Series


    (3 Reviews)

    …& Decorative Waterfalls * Durable & Corrosion−Resistant for Lasting Performance * Choose From 1/5 &minus 1 HP and 1-1/2 to 3 Inch Discharge Tsurumi Water Feature Pump is built for years of continuous use in fish ponds decorative waterfalls and fountains. This submersible water pump is…
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    $320.45 - 1275.85
  • Atlantic Fountain Basins


    (10 Reviews)

    …Exceptional Strength Atlantic Fountain Basins can be used when installing decorative fountains such as the Color Changing Vase Fountains. The basins are the strongest and best designed on the market. Featuring deep plumbing channels on the top of the basin easy access pump chambers and external flow…
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    $155.99 - 406.99
  • Zen Fountain Kits

    …melting stone appearance of this delightful fountain will complement any garden. The kit includes: fountain a 36 basin mag-drive pump 160 lbs of polished pebbles and all plumbing and tubing components. This fountain measures 18 X 18 12 high. Decorative pond pebbles are 1-3 in size. Each 40 pound bag…
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  • Twisting Cascade Triple Fountain Kit

    …Cascade Fountain columns are available in dapple gray or chestnut color. This outdoor water fountain kit also comes with a fountain basin basin splash mat water fountain pump tubing and plumbing. Also included are decorative polished pebbles in black or mixed to complete the look so the fountain kit…
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  • Rustic Basalt Fountain Kits


    (1 Reviews)

    fountains at different heights ranging from 18H to 30H. Each Basalt Fountain is carved from real stone for a natural look to provide all the benefits of a larger water feature without the time and cost. Each kit comes complete with a professionally molded basin water pump plumbing and decorative
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    $899.99 - 2249.99
  • Aquascape Pouring 3-Tier Bamboo Fountain

    …Adds a Decorative Piece to Patio Ponds * Provides the Sounds of Trickling Water * Lightweight Poly-Resin Easy to Install Aquascape Pouring Three-Tier Bamboo Fountain is a Japanese inspired pond decoration that can complement any patio or container garden. Standing about 15 inches tall this fountain
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  • Aquascape Deer Scarer Bamboo Fountain


    (No Reviews)

    * Add a Decorative Element to Your Water Feature * Provides the Sights of Trickling Water * Easy to Install UV Resistant Finish Enhance the look of your water feature with the texture shape and finish of real bamboo. Aquascape Deer Scarer Fountain creates the gentle noise of falling water…
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