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Pump Regulator

  • Blue Thumb Automatic Water Fill Kit


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    …device is made especially for the Elite Skimmers and Pump Canyons. Note: Ideal operating water pressure is 30 psi. Water pressure exceeding this may result in check-valve diaphragm failure. To prevent this from happening we recommend installation the optional 30 PSI Regulator by Blue Thumb.
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  • Windmill Control Selector Valves 1/2 Inch

    * Regulates Air Pressure to Multiple Air Stones * For Windmill Pond Aeration Systems * 2−Way & 3−Way Selector Valves The 2-way and 3-way 1/2 Windmill Control Selector Valves regulate air pressure flow to air stones and pumps. We recommend using aeration selector valves when…
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    $79.99 - 99.99
  • Oase AquaMax Eco Expert

    …Flow Control (SFC) Technology • Patented Pump Frost Protection • Resistance to Seawater and Chlorinated Water Patented Optional Seasonal Flow Control (SFC) allows for intelligent and environmentally conscious regulation of flow rate and pumping height based on water temperature for energy…
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    $1335.99 - 2055.99
  • …some serious savings on your energy bill. Pumps Many owners look to use equipment that they already have and rely on their pump to keep the pond open during winter. Pumps do an excellent job at circulating water but they may not be the best option. Most pumps are not designed for winter use as the…
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