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Pump Size

    …typically require a smaller pump. Look for pumps in our Fountain & Spitter Pump category. * Waterfalls require a few more calculations to determine the size needed. See below for more information on sizing a waterfall pump. We have a wide variety of Waterfall Pumps available to get the flow you…
    …water garden. When buying a filter select one that is rated for your pond size or larger. If you have a heavier debris load due to an overpopulation of fish or a nearby tree you may want to consider getting a filter one size larger. Remember you cannot have too much filtration but if your filter is…
  • Supreme Hy-Drive Pumps


    (5 Reviews)

    * Designed For Continuous Operation * Great For Waterfalls and Fountains * Sizes For Any Pond Application The Supreme HY-Drive Asynchronous Pumps are versatile and may be used vertically or horizontally. This pump is powerful and efficient. Supreme HY-Drive are designed for extremely low energy use…
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    $199.99 - 314.99
  • Oase Waterfall Pump


    (19 Reviews)

    …The compact design and 20' power cord and smaller plug size works well in a skimmer or camouflages easily within a pond or water feature. Maintenance is a breeze with no tools required and quick access to the pumps moving parts. The pumps' back-spitting feature allows for self-cooling (1650 - 5150…
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    $182.99 - 529.99
  • Blue Thumb Serenity Complete 8' x 11' Pond Kit


    (1 Reviews)

    * Entry Level DIY Pond Kit * No Guessing on Pump or Filter Size * Creates 1000 Gallon 8' x 11' Pond Blue Thumb Serenity 8' x 11' Complete Pond Kit is designed as an entry level DIY project for small spaces. Great for creating new ponds up to 1000 gallons or adding onto existing ponds and water…
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  • …- Ideal for water features with larger pumps as it available in 1-1/2 to 4 sizes. This type of tubing is quite durable can have water in it year-round without damage from freezing temperatures and can be buried. To join lengths of pipe or plumb your pump you will need to use Schedule 40 PVC Slip…
    …the size of the basin. Don't forget to add a pump vault for easy access to your pump. Go with a Kit If you aren't trying to customize a large waterfall consider investing in a pond free waterfall kit. They contain all components you'll need - from underlayment and liner to a waterfall box pump basin…
  • Tsurumi Portable Cleanout Pump

    …Fall Pond Cleanouts The Tsurumi 1/2 HP Portable Cleanout Pump is designed to pump water containing sand debris and solids up to 1/4 in size with minimal wear and clogging with its built-in shaft mount agitator. It is the perfect pump to perform spring and fall cleanouts. This durable and…
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  • Atlantic Pump Vault Extension

    …Lines Atlantic Pump Vault Extensions offer the strength and versatility needed for pond-free projects. With the same height as Atlantic Eco-Blox Basin Matrix open the way for deeper basins larger reservoirs and greater water volumes. Flat panels and multiple cut lines for various sizes of solid and…
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    $166.99 - 194.99
  • Oase Strainer for Neptun Pump

    …fits over the intake assembly on the Oase Neptun Waterfall Pump. Fits model 2600 GPH. The robust stainless steel intake screen strainer removes coarse debris particles up to 4 mm in size with no problem. Great for installing the pump under water to protect the motor for pond debirs. (Oase part…
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  • Sequence Alpha Primer Pump Series

    …we offer Alpha self-priming pumps with over sized integrated 250 cubic inch basket strainer into one efficient package for trouble-free operation. The basket helps protect the internal rotating parts of the pump from damage due to external debris being pulled into the pump. The high-efficiency motor…
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    $1204.00 - 1331.00
  • Blue Thumb Elite Pump Canyon Extension

    …Create Deeper Waterfall Basins * Designed For The Elite Pump Canyon * Easy Sizing Reference Increase the depth of your pondless waterfall basin with the Elite Pump Canyon Extension. Designed to connect directly to the Elite Pump Canyon these Pump Canyon Extensions allow you to create basins up to 42…
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    $84.99 - 224.99
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