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Pumps For Small Water Falls

  • TetraPond® Waterfall Filter


    (3 reviews)

    …of Falling Water * Add Filtration to Your Pond * Great for Small Water Gardens The TetraPond Waterfall Filter can be installed and blended into your landscape within minutes. The included mesh bag will allow for additional biological and mechanical filtration that is necessary to keep your small
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  • Blue Thumb Elite Falls Pondless Kit (formerly PondBuilder™)


    (12 reviews)

    …various sizes these easy-to-install low maintenance waterfall kit contains all of the water feature supplies you need to create a soothing waterfall feature. The trouble-free design of this waterfall pond kit makes it the perfect choice for small yards families with children and customers on-the-go.
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    $944.99 - 2510.99
  • pump. Clean excess debris off your pump then inspect for wear and tear or any damage like worn impellers. When storing your pump and preparing your pond for the winter we recommend placing it in a bucket of water to prevent the seals in the pump from drying and cracking during storage. Store pumps
    …backyard pond clean. Keeping up with doses of beneficial bacteria checking your pump's impeller for debris and changing your UV bulb on a regular basis are only part of the upkeep. Removing debris floating in the water such as leaves and uneaten fish food is another important element in the health…
    …the pump. If you will be getting a lot of leaves however you will want to plan on covering your pond in the fall months or consider a kit that includes a skimmer box.The Pond Guy® RapidFlo™ Ecosystem Pond Kit A perfect option if you want to mask nearby noise with the sound of falling water
    …pond such as a waterfall and work your way down forcing the dirty water toward the pump for removal. The ClearVac Pond Vacuum may be helpful for emptying out the last few inches of water and small debris that the pump cannot reach. For rocks with stubborn debris build-up sprinkle Oxy-Lift Defense…